Madonna: Not a YouTube Virgin

madonna does youtubeMadonna aint acting like a virgin on YouTube. While other stars have fumbled in their attempts at the largest online-video site, Madonna gets 5 stars for her homepage video. Why?

  • We imagine this video was featured by the advertising department (likely a paid promotion for her new album “Hard Candy”). And although YouTube editors may not have selected it … it was funny, short and self depricating. Madonna is seen vacuuming the set of her music video.
  • The style was relaxed and had an amateur feel. Stark contrast from Oprah’s apperance in front of television monitors.
  • She looks pretty good for her age, and that makes me feel young. After all, I was in highschool when I won her album by being the 10th caller at the New Orleans radio station. I actually won ten records (the old-fashioned black CDs that were bigger than a laptop). Of course I had made friends with the disc jockey and he rigged it so I’d win. But now I’m sounding like a blogger drifting off into meaningless blah.

So go get ’em Madonna. I may not recall any of your songs since I last saw you in a limo, but you’re like a fine wine. You age well. Anytime you wanna do a collaboration on YouTube, you just let Uncle Nalts know. But I’m married, okay?

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  1. Oh, I agree Kevin. I liked how she said good job to the people making makeshift videos of her new song. She gets it. She even talked about YT in the Sirius talk show recently. As usual her business savvy exudes.

  2. “After all, I was in highschool when I won her album by being the 10th caller at the New Orleans radio station.”

    First Fleetwood Mac, then this. I just don’t know what to think. I bet you had a big old poster of Wham with that sexy George Michael on your bedroom wall, didn’t you.

  3. I could be wrong but I took her message to say, thanks for making the great videos but it’s now time to clean up after yourselves…or she’s gonna have to do the dirty work of removing the videos.
    People are sharing and leaking the music like crazy which effects their sales. The record label for Britney went and removed videos and suspended accounts of people who used Birtney’s new music in videos before the album release. This message seems to have gone waaaaaaaaay over everyone’s heads.
    Heh…nice disertation LOL I’m babbling.
    Good luck on the collab. She offered to get on all 4s, chase some balls and even offered to eat some biscuts for Perez Hilton…I’m sure a collab with nalts isn’t too much to ask! LMBO
    I’m excited about the new album release. I’ve always been a big fan of hers.

  4. Oh snap, Babbler! Yes! I see the metaphor now. She’s likening the folks who have stolen her music for their lame videos to dust mites! I totally get it now. Thanks!

  5. I’d like Madonna more if I though she was that smart and witty.

    She has said some stupid things in her career, that’s probably why I saw it as a cut on all the lower class people (the little people) who live on you tube.

    “Lan Sakes, just look at this place! What a mess! And here I am billion dollar Madonna having to take shit from my own people!”

    Like that would EVER happen!

    OH, hey lil girlie whirlie from DE TROIT so po po li ti cal?! you still relevant hon ney. bo tox, babies and boobs, you go girl! sang-it sang-it, sang-it sang-it

    I dare you MB!

    I’m not on her payroll, can you tell? but I’m adding her to my grocery list 🙂

  6. I still find it vexing though that other videos on her channel are “not available” in my country. Michael Jackson’s channel does similar things to me. Why does the world hate Australia so?

    Oh speaking of Mr. Jackson… if you watch the promotional videos on his youtube channel for the re-release of Thriller you’ll notice one thing conspicuously missing; him.

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