It’s Your Fault if You’re Bored Online tracks episodic online video contentNow it’s your fault if you’re bored online and can’t find anything good to watch (besides Nalts crap). aggregates and lists a lot of the top episodic programming, and may especially helpful as a transition drug to online-video. Especially for you noobs who still think television is more interesting.

The name, branding and tagline “guide to television on the web” a oddly retro, but that’s the point we suppose.

Good content as well as stories, like this recent news about Rabbit Bites getting sponsored by Purina. You go, Bunns and Chou Chou!

17 Replies to “It’s Your Fault if You’re Bored Online”

  1. Kevin:
    Did you watch “A Look Inside Viralcom’s Premiere”? OMG, that was hysterical!! Is that how your video sessions usually go? 🙂

  2. Joost is still around. I get emails from them regularly, and occasionally watch something there. Plus there’s I watched a few things there as well.

  3. @marquisdejolie: sure, Joost is a video portal with millions of dollars in funding and more than 100 employees, Tilzy is a bootstrapped editorial guide to the internet with virtually no operating costs. So that comparison makes a lot of sense. And by the way Joost is still going – don’t write them off quite yet.

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