How Many of the 10 Billion Videos Viewed in February Did YOU Watch?

online video viewing causes spines to turn into rusty knotsWe watched 10 billion videos in February, according to ComScore yesterday. That’s a 66 percent gain from February 2007, and apparently about 73 percent of people online are watching videos. Which means the other 15 percent are losers that are too busy brushing up on their math skills.

35 percent of this activity is on Google/YouTube, followed by about 6 percent by Fox and 3 percent by Yahoo. So if you want the “long tail,” go diggin’ into some of the big-media entities that top the list with one percent share.

I’ll be on YouTube.

10 Replies to “How Many of the 10 Billion Videos Viewed in February Did YOU Watch?”

  1. I hope you don’t mind me registering my amusement that the guy who was predicting the demise of YouTube now appears to be a bit of a fanboy of the site. What changed? I’d be interested to know the reasons why.

  2. I wish I knew…if only YouTube would get their act together and actually count “Videos Watched” correctly. I suppose it’s just wishful thinking.

  3. I probably spend more time watching videos on my computer (whether YouTube or otherwise) than watching TV. TV has become trite and repetitive. The only innovation in media seems to be coming from the web. Next to YT my favorite site is “Funny or Die”. I must admit I also watch “The Office” and some other TV shows online as well also.

  4. the other 15% are You Tube blocked sites; like schools and offices. I think what gave youtube the big boost was all the old media invading the site. I can find almost anything, at least a clip of almost anything, and I’m guessing You Tube was in the top 10 of most words used this year on TV. If you disqualify people I’d wager it was right behind iphone, ipod and google. Those are some very sharp lawyers google has.

    hi guys! 😉

  5. I don’ think it’ll go dark. Maybe for “the community” The rabble rousers will leave or be forced off, the others paid off. Frankly Scarlet, I think you tube is tv.

    crack the cube!

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