Want to Be Seen and Paid on YouTube? Your Relatives Matter…

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As many as 25% of the views of a video may come from people finishing a related video. This chart shows the percentage of views that come from various sources to my “The Best of Naked Vlogs.” This is not a representative example, but look at the percent of traffic that comes from “related video” (more than 50 percent). That means someone watched another nude vlogger and then saw mine show up as “related video” and stopped by. Or it means they saw one of the other nude vlogger videos that was posted as a response to mine (or vice versa).

So what’s this mean? Please don’t jam your tags with the same words of popular videos, because that used to game the system but frustrates people. YouTube/Google also has means for penalizing this trick if overused. But do try to make videos about things that are of high interest or topical, and you’ll get some help from relatives…

In other news — as you might have read — YouTube announced that it has paid out $1 million in cash to video creators that are part of its Partners program. Excerpt from NewTeeVee article

YouTube said today it has paid out more than $1 million to its user partners through its partner program. The figure came as part of an announcement that YouTube is expanding the program to users in Japan, Australia and Ireland. YouTube doesn’t disclose how it splits its revenue, but we’ll make do with what scraps of numbers we have. The site currently lists 100 partners, though that also includes entities that we’d think would be designated as professional partners rather than “user partners,” such as Universal Music Group and CBS.

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  1. I subscribe to the tag “nalts” so I’ll see you if you pop up in someone else’s videos (which is how I found “stagingofbob”). So it really irks me when a video shows up on my subscription list that has nothing to do with you except for the fact that they put your name in the tags. What, if any, does YouTube do about this?

  2. You raise a good point. This is annoying, but you can usually tell by the description that it’s a trick (because they list me and a bunch of other names). The only way to prevent this, I suppose, is to a) convert audio to text so they can see if the tag is relevant or a cheap trick, or b) penalize videos that have a fast abandonment rate… if people click and dive within 15 seconds it was probably junk.

  3. My relatives don’t watch my videos. They hate me. I can’t figure out why, although it may have something to do with the fact that I called them all dirty bastards and crack whores at our last reunion.

  4. Yeah, I think I saw your first video Nalts when you were a related video to “2 girls 1 cup” Hmmmmm, the memories! That was waaaay back in the day.

  5. I made the mistake (possibly) of showing 2 girls 1 cup to several fellow teachers at a recent special teachers’ “meeting”. One of the people I showed it to was my principal. And I am up for tenure this year. Fortunately, the “meeting” was the evening before spring break and I haven’t seen him since then. And we had all had a bit too much “punch”, if you get my drift. He did watch the video twice and, after leaving the “meeting” he called his secretary to tell her that he was going to stop back at the “meeting” with Solo cups, so maybe he won’t think badly of me. What do y’all think?

  6. Wait. There are only 100 of us Partners!? I didn’t realize that I am a member of such an exclusive group. Does that count all the Partners that Youtube was paying a salary to upload crap like Zipster and Renetto? And since Youtube is not paying them any more, that means the million bucks (per year? per years?) figure will go down drastically. All the way down to a few thousand (per year/per years) I’m guessing.

  7. How much were people like Zipster actually getting paid? I only heard recently that he was getting paid a salary. I thought it was odd; I mean, I enjoy his videos but I am not sure he was worthy of a salary.

  8. Well, Marilyn, Youtube promoted the hell out of Zipster’s videos to keep his numbers up. It’s those certain grating personalities from Australia that I couldn’t understand being salaried Partners

  9. Marilyn –

    You showed 2girls1cup to your principal???? Oh. My. God. I will think about that all night tonight, worrying for your future.

  10. Sukatra:
    In my defense, almost everyone else at the party had seen it already, but couldn’t seem to master a computer well enough to search for it (or so they told me; I think no one else wanted the responsibility of showing it to him, and they all refer to me as the “computer guru” of the school).

    As I said, he watched it twice, so he must have liked it; right?

    I am so screwed.

  11. Marilyn I bet it was Blunty3000!

    and you did what to your principal at school! OMG!

    welp, expect one of three things”
    1. Principal: “I’m sorry Marilyn the district is making some cut backs and your position here is…”

    2. Principal: “Of course I accept your apology, we as teachers need to know exactly what these kids are exposed no matter how raunchy, don’t give it another thought. Keep your eyes open, Good Work!”

    3. Principal: “So, Marilyn, are you single?”

  12. 2.5k a month, eh? snap! [click]
    Now what will they pay him per view?

    Here’s the big question:
    Are we all tired of You Tube yet?
    Kev, I’ll say it again, crack open the cube.

  13. I believe he’ll get the same 2.5% of a penny per view that I’m getting, jischinger.

    Don’t get tired of YT yet, folks. I still have 199 more videos to upload there.

  14. wait, you disclosed! can you do that now?

    I can’t take it any more mdj, i need something more meaningful than the same ol shit day in and day out on youtube. I’ve been on the brim for months, but now I’ve hit FULL – I don’t even know if it’s possible to entertain me any more, that’s just how You-Tubed-Out (YTO)© (YTOed)© I am. Plus I’m concerned I may develop epilepsy with these new Partner ads. I’m working on tying a few lose strings then I’m outta there! but I’ll still watch you guys.

  15. We could always disclose our YT income. Who said we couldn’t? Oh, Kevin. Naw, he just didn’t want to let folks know how very much cashola he is raking in at The Tube: might disconnect him from the ‘average joe’ image he’s been carefully cultivating. (Hahaha. Let’s see if THAT comment coaxes Howard Hughes Nalts out of his reclusive money-counting-room hiding place to respond in his own blog)

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