New YouTube User Interface

new youtube designNew YouTube design. Whatya think? Nothing on the YouTube blog about it yet, and I’m not seeing any major functionality changes other than:

  • A bit different way to toggle between comments and stats (honors)
  • A better advanced search user experience

What am I missing?  I really wish they would have replaced the YouTube messaging with gmail…

20 Replies to “New YouTube User Interface”

  1. I don’t like most of it. I don’t like they changed the honors.

    The only thing I like is the enhanced social networking links.

    I haven’t tried to search yet. I hope its somewhat decent.

    They really should intergrate gmail already.

  2. We have been having Internet problems at work today and I can’t ever get on YT at work abyway, but today I couldn’t even get my daily fix of this blog until now. I really need a life.

    PS-I’ll check out the site when I get home; or at least, after our special teachers’ “meeting” this afternoon (Spring break starts tomorrow!)

  3. I lost a bunch of comments yesterday just so they could make these cosmetic changes!? GROAN. I’m so tired of the younger generation thinking cosmetics = performance. And the “enhanced social networking” doesn’t work as well from Youtube as it does on the sites I’ve been using to post, blog and bookmark my Youtube videos, Leon, so all in all, it’s another wash.

  4. FIX THE MESSAGES! just transfer them all to google accounts – easy smeasey

    I think the design looks fat, reminds me of windows 3.1
    yo YT! streamlined to at least XP, or give the option

    Ultimately, I think all the new switches are to discourage community – YT scatters all to the wind and puts us in charge of advertising.

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