Webby Honorees for Best Viral Sensations

Dylans CouchThe Webby’s announced nominees for best viral video, and here are the official honorees.

  1. Da Pit Stop: Steal This
  2. Dismantling The Bomb
  3. Dylan’s Couch
  4. Found Objects – Katie Couric
  5. Giant Midget
  6. It’s A Woman Thang
  7. itsallinyourhands.tv
  8. The Horror

Congratulations! Here are the comedy shorts as well.

I was an honoree last year, but I guess “Farting in Public” didn’t quite cross the rising bar! 🙂

Author: Nalts

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9 thoughts on “Webby Honorees for Best Viral Sensations”

  1. FIRST!!!!!!!!!

    I love Dylan’s Couch, even though the humor is a little juvenile. But then again, I like Nalts too. So I guess I like juvenile humor.

  2. Rub my face in it, why don’t you!? I try, Kevin. I do my best. I work hard and I work long cranking out video after video after video, hoping against hope that one of them will make it out there in this elephant fart world. And what do I get? Nothing. Nada. No recognition (except from you).

    Boo hoo hoo hoo! Waaaaaaaaa!

  3. bunch of favorites were not noiominated and I saw a few animation shorts that have been around for a couple of years, not sure how they decide what gets on the list where and when. Sorry to say I haven’t seen any of the one’s Kevin listed here except Harry, but I did vote for Donnie Hoyle US@PS.

    mdj: you’re kidding right? you wouldn’t want such an award would you?

  4. I DO feel like the bug collector in “Woman in the Dunes” –Hiroshi Teshigahara (1964)–stuck in a sand pit, shovelling, shovelling, shovelling to no avail.

  5. You have to be the LAMEST!!!!!
    What the hell do you have to be the rater of these viral films!!
    YOU SUCK!!!! ASS!!!

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    Puerile mind masturbators!!!
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