Antisocial Media (Stickam Addiction)

antisocial media stickam addictionHeard of Stickam? It’s a live-video website that allows people to gather in rooms and interact via live webcams and text messaging. YouTubers are especially prone to spending their off-YouTube hours congregating, and it’s always puzzled me. They mostly hang out in Nutcheese‘s room.
Then again, I’m not a raving fan of instant messaging, e-mail or other social media applications like Friendster, MySpace, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

Here’s my social commentary on what I like to call “antisocial media.

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  1. I never really understood the fascination with Stickam either, although a lot of my favorite YiutTubers use it. But then, I don’t see the fascination with any social networking site, although I DO have MySpace and Facebook pages (but I use those mostly to spy on my sons who are in college). 🙂

  2. I don’t have the attention span for that type of thing. Searching the web and watching “Forensic Files” at the same time is about all I can handle at one time. :o)

  3. I call Stickam the “Telepathic Chat Rooms” because every time I log in to a Stickam room, nobody in there is actually talking. They’re just staring blankly at each other’s images. Kinda creepy. Reminds me of The Pod People.

    Hang in there, Steve. Nalts is backlogged. He just yesterday answered my post about 9/11 that I sent on 9/12.

  4. I’m surprised that more subscribers don’t use Stickam to interact with their favorite vloggers. Zipster has thousands of subscribers and they know they could find him in the NutCheese Stickam room. This gives me the impression that the YouTube Community is really quite small and subscriber numbers don’t indicate that.

  5. I can totally understand why you wouldn’t want to go on Stickam, what with your painful shyness and all.

  6. First, thanks for putting my picture on your blog (I think). I don’t IM or text or any of that stuff, but I do stop by Stickam a couple of times a week. It allows me to catch up, albeit superficially, with friends I don’t get to see every day (although it is getting more and more often). It is not a substitute for real face-to-face meeting. It was a pleasure watching you put together this video with such speed and creativity.

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