Insert YouTube Video URL in YouTube Comments

picture-3.pngYouTube doesn’t allow you to embed a URL in the comments field, so here’s an easy trick to reference a video in the comments section.

  1. Open the video you want to reference
  2. Copy the 11-digit alphanumeric code after the = sign.
  3. Paste that code
  4. If you see an 11-digit code you want to watch, just open any video and paste it over the existing 11-digit code. Or paste this code, followed by the 11-digit code:
  5. If you’re using a Mac, the Apple-C is a shortcut for “copy,” and Apple-V (correction, thanks to comment) will paste. PCs use Option-C or Option-V. This saves a mess of time versus using the “file insert” method on the menu.

Likewise, here on WVFF WordPress puts any of your comments with embedded URLs into the “moderated” section, and I don’t approve those in a timely manner. So you can just replace your own URL with the URL to where you want to link people.

Author: Nalts

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11 thoughts on “Insert YouTube Video URL in YouTube Comments”

  1. PC’s use control + c and control + v

    Btw, I believe you’re due for another video. At least three people used the bathroom while I was just in the shower. I really hate the way it makes the water alternate between a distasteful arctic chill and that awful burning temperature… That or someone was just flushing the toilet for fun… Just to torment me. Again.

  2. Why are you not posting a video every time I poop? I am getting constipated waiting for your next video.

  3. Excellent instructions for wannabe spammers. In fact, I think i’ll go spam your last 10 videos with one of mine right now.

  4. The shortcuts are actually ⌘-C/V on Macs, and ctrl-C/V on Windows.

    ⌘ is the symbol for the command key (e.g. command-C or cmd-C), and occasionally has the Apple logo on the same key. Windows PCs have no option key, and the Mac’s option key maps to alt on Windows.

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