Insert YouTube Video URL in YouTube Comments

picture-3.pngYouTube doesn’t allow you to embed a URL in the comments field, so here’s an easy trick to reference a video in the comments section.

  1. Open the video you want to reference
  2. Copy the 11-digit alphanumeric code after the = sign.
  3. Paste that code
  4. If you see an 11-digit code you want to watch, just open any video and paste it over the existing 11-digit code. Or paste this code, followed by the 11-digit code:
  5. If you’re using a Mac, the Apple-C is a shortcut for “copy,” and Apple-V (correction, thanks to comment) will paste. PCs use Option-C or Option-V. This saves a mess of time versus using the “file insert” method on the menu.

Likewise, here on WVFF WordPress puts any of your comments with embedded URLs into the “moderated” section, and I don’t approve those in a timely manner. So you can just replace your own URL with the URL to where you want to link people.

11 thoughts on “Insert YouTube Video URL in YouTube Comments”

  1. PC’s use control + c and control + v

    Btw, I believe you’re due for another video. At least three people used the bathroom while I was just in the shower. I really hate the way it makes the water alternate between a distasteful arctic chill and that awful burning temperature… That or someone was just flushing the toilet for fun… Just to torment me. Again.

  2. Why are you not posting a video every time I poop? I am getting constipated waiting for your next video.

  3. Excellent instructions for wannabe spammers. In fact, I think i’ll go spam your last 10 videos with one of mine right now.

  4. The shortcuts are actually ⌘-C/V on Macs, and ctrl-C/V on Windows.

    ⌘ is the symbol for the command key (e.g. command-C or cmd-C), and occasionally has the Apple logo on the same key. Windows PCs have no option key, and the Mac’s option key maps to alt on Windows.

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