Brilliant Ad Placement or Luck

Here’s my video about LisaNova (a prominent YouTuber that broke her streak of sketch comedies by vlogging). I fake an accident in my Toyota.

And how appropriate. A Toyota ad right there. Maybe it’s time to buy a Corrolla.

Any discounts if I promise to show it on camera?


8 Replies to “Brilliant Ad Placement or Luck”

  1. Why are you telling people you faked the “accident” before the video even plays? This would have been a great opportunity for more stupid but hilarious youtube drama.

    Actually, after reading some of the comments, I think it still might be. I think I may have to go fuel the flames.

  2. Do the partner adds work on the adsense principle of being somewhat related to content?

    Also I was just subscribed to by a channel which I think you may find interesting. Address in the URL bit of my name (where I usually stick my address).

  3. This Youtube-promoted video (post linked) proves that they’re hiring teenagers to decide which videos are ignored and which get featured/promoted. We better get on the joystick and start screencapturing some blood and gore PS3 video games or we’re going to shunted away to the never-was pile.

    Have a nice day.

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