Survey of Video Advertising Rates

Web Video Report polled a number of online-video outlets, and it seems that $25 CPM (cost per thousand) is the norm, with slight variances based on the quality and “targetability” of the content. After a quick scan, you’ll get insights from the comments by Mike Abundo and Paul Kontonis.

7 Replies to “Survey of Video Advertising Rates”

  1. so we should be averaging $12.50 per thousand views on the the one or two sites that actually pay? makes one wanna start ones own “online video outlet” so one can keep 99% of the ad revenue,and when questioned,call it a “slight variance”. On a lighter note,a great big WTF goes out to a youtuber by the name of “doctorcatsburger” for this video called “go away retard” : ,I rank his video up there with the “exploding whale” & “snorting sweet tarts” videos which ive been kind enough to share with you all 😉

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