Rusty’s Song (and he doesn’t care if it goes viral)

Rusty from Rusty’s Song videoRusty is our babysitter‘s dog, and this is his song (see video). Woke up at 4 a.m. with a compelling urge to write it. Don’t ask.

We found our babysitter because she was working at Applebees, and recognized my wife (wifeofnalts) and son (Charlie) from YouTube. And although her cookies taste like chunks of coal, you gotta admit her dog is pretty cute.

His name is Rusty and this is his song
He’s pekingese but not from Hong Kong
He knows 4 languages but doesn’t do tricks
Please don’t ask him about his ticks

He likes to lick but never smokes
He’s tired of Yoda and Gremlin jokes
He’s not mean but he’ll bite your behind
If you say he looks like Zelda Rubenstein
That’s the lady from Poltergeist and you probably missed that if you were born after the 70s.

He’s voting for Obama and he’s definitely not gay
He believes in God but sleeps on Sunday
Though he can’t use a phone if he did he might
Vote for David Archuletta or Brook White

His name is Rusty and this is his song
We don’t think it’s an ear worm but maybe we’re wrong
Rusty doesn’t care if you think he’s lame
His esteem is too strong to need Internet fame

18 Replies to “Rusty’s Song (and he doesn’t care if it goes viral)”

  1. No, I will not admit he’s cute. I do not like smushy-faced animals. They just make me want to smush their faces in even farther. With my smush-a-tron.

  2. I was just about to write a post about how much I hate smushed-faced dogs, when I read sukatra’s post. Beat me to it again!!! Really, get a real dog.

  3. …I have no comments of substance. I am just reading, absorbing, and plotting…


  4. You noted this was your 500th video on YouTube – I thought you had more than that. Did you delete a bunch?

    If not, I missed when I passed you in number of videos.

  5. Kevin just wanted to have ANOTHER 500th video like it was some magic number, Mr Angry. I deleted a hundred or so old videos, too (the sexually-oriented ones like “Sex Sells”, “Naked Beaches” and “Dead Hookers I Have Loved”), and I STILL have 790 of them up.

  6. nalts……..i have one and only ONE thing to say to you…….are you ready?….i’m gonna spit it out now…….YUO ROCK!!!!!! also i love the movie Poltergeist is SUCH a great movie and i was born 1997 so in ur FACE O! also the dog is soooooooooooo cute! its a pug right?

  7. I WANT THIS DOG! he is so cccccccccccuuuuuuuuuutttttttttttttteeeeeee. lol, he’s vote for david archuleta or brook white (me too!)

    To # 16. hello, even in his song it sed “He’s Pekingness” …so obv. not a pug

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