8 Replies to “Patton Oswalt: YouTube is Root of All Evil”

  1. I like Patton and I love Lewis Black, but I hate the other guy and I don’t think this show is gonna last. And if the only video this guy can cite is the sneezing panda, he’s not enough of a youtuber to do commentary about it. Even if it’s supposed to be a joke.

    Oh my God. What is happening to me?

  2. I first heard Patton on XM and immediately researched him and wrote him a note. He wrote me back, and I’ll probably never forget that. Now I try to respond to every message personally. Oh, no. I don’t do that at all do I?

  3. He’s right, though. A lot of what is on YouTube is junk and I can’t understand why it gets views. And then there’s Nalts, Viral Video GENIUS.

  4. marquisdejolie – April 2, 2008
    We invaded Iran already? I thought that was scheduled for Sweeps Week.

    You have it wrong, MDJ. We invade Iran during the Democratic convention.

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