How Much Money Does a YouTube Partner Make?

All the YouTubers are cruising with these. Let's not let them be the only ones, dangit.
All the YouTubers are cruising with these. Let’s not let them be the only ones, dangit.

Editorial Update…. here’s a newer post on how much YouTube partners make. Since this post gets so many daily views via search engines, let me answer your question simply. It’s a fraction of a fraction of a penny per view. It’s not enough to cover the mortgage for most, and it’s certainly not yet the reported $2.50 per 1,000 views. It’s often far less, and varies greatly on whether the views have InVideo ads (YouTube charges $25 per thousand and shares that with creators) or the flat square ads (cost far less for advertisers, and doesn’t pay creators). Although I can’t reveal my income, I can tell you it’s highly influenced by my top 5-10 videos, which get millions of views per month (as opposed to the new ones). That said, if you get millions and millions of views per month and live cheap, you could quit your job and buy my dang book, “Beyond Viral.”

Beyond Viral: Tips on Marketing You & Company on YouTube

YouTube’s Fred was rumored to be making seven-figures, but Google clarified that as six figures. But if you take his 350,000,000 views and multiply it by a conservative $1 per 1,000 views…. you’re talking $350,000.00. I’m making more on YouTube than I made in my first job out of school, but with four kids and a lot of debt, it’s not enough for me to pull a Sxephil, Shaycarl, or Michael Buckley and rely on it as a primary income source.

Oh how’s THAT for a blog title, when you’ve signed a confidentiality document that precludes you from talking about your revenue as a YouTube partner?! Don’t worry, YouTube. I’m not breaking rank. But I’m very interested in what people THINK partners are making.

Before YouTube, I’ve always been transparent about my revenue related to online video. I feel that’s part of my role on this blog… to give creators a realistic sense of what they can make in online video (beyond food). Alas, YouTube prohibits it for reasons that aren’t quite clear to me — are there tiers? If compensation varies, then I can be sure I’m at the bottom based on my complete lack of negotiation skills.

I do believe that some prominent YouTube partners are beginning to earn what amounts to a full-time job through the site. But I also understand that some of the early Partner contracts are up for renewal about now.

  • Could some be overstating their earnings? Yes. But some partners are doing $10K a month, especially those that already had an audience and moved them to YouTube. And some creators get millions of views consistently.
  • When some say they’ve quit their day jobs, is that because their costs are so low that even a couple grand a month can sustain them? Maybe.
  • Could the earnings be based on a point of time where, say, they had a video featured that was monetized? Sure.

While there’s no question that many could still earn more money per hour doing something else (like consulting or bartending), I am happier with my income from YouTube than what I was making from YouTube before I became a partner (zero). And while I’m not sure whether the per-view profit is as strong as Revver’s and Metacafe’s (I don’t even have access to any such metrics), I’m not getting any significant views on those sites anymore. So YouTube is far outperforming them.

My advice remains: if you’re looking to get rich, create a bunch of mortgage blogs and sell adsense. Or go into financial services or recruiting like the former co-worker that just called me to “network.”

But if you love video and the community around it, then it’s nice to get an income subsidy that helps you justify the time commitment to yourself, wife and family. I remain optimistic that more of the top creators of YouTube will be able to quit their day jobs, but that’s partially because amateurs will slowly get trumped by the semi pros (whose day job is performing or video creation). It’s already happening. While the amateur vloggers are holding top positions, we’re seeing more semi-professional content done by comedy troups, bands or known offline celebrities.

Now here’s the purpose of my post. I’m curious what people THINK partners make. I can tell from a lot of comments that people WAY over estimate what creators make: “You get paid for this shit?” “You’re asking us for ideas? You’re the one who gets paid.” I can’t participate in this thread, but it will be fun to watch.

And if you’re not a Partner yet, don’t let it upset you unless you have hundreds of thousands of monthly views. Grow the audience and reapply later. Even if YT did make you a partner, it’s not worth it unless you have some views. Take it from a guy that tried Google ads on his blog for a while, and quickly realized that it wasn’t worth the cosmetic interference.

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  2. “Grow the audience and reapply later”……..why waste your time with that nonsense? VUME(see link) pays EVERY member for EVERY hit on your videos AND photos! whether u have 1 video or 1000! (A small catch though,u have to provide most of the traffic) Btw,that wasnt me who posted the first comment,that was dan,im steve 😉

  3. I get the impression that some of the people who were made partners in the first go-round got some pretty nice deals, but that now that things are up for renegotiation and youtube has a more accurate picture of the financial viability and worth of the program, some of those great deals are likely to be substantially reduced.

    For me, it ain’t about the money. It’s all about my ego. Yup. I am truly that shallow and self-absorbed. And I wish you’d stop making blog posts inspired by my comments. I mean, it’s starting to get embarrassing. I’m not surprised that you’d want to mooch off of my brilliant sense of humor, but really. It’s like you’re stalking me.

  4. I think you don’t make anywhere near enough to pay off your credit card debt. I think you spend more than you make. I had a part-time job once when my kids were little working at a fabric store. I love crafts and sewing and I think I spent more than I made at the store, but it was fun and I didn’t care. Also, it got me out of the house a couple of nights a week. Ask any mom of young kids and they’ll tell you they’d pay to get a night out once and awhile.

  5. dan feh – steve has the same crap every he they post- i don’t even bother any more – scram!

    sukatra: get out! it’s my posts he’s sucking the brilliance from.

    I created an account with nothing on it and applied for youtube partners just to see what would happen.

    btw – tubemongrel I think may be over estimating their numbers- I started a channel, upload a few videos on it, removed them after a few weeks and tubemongrel still says I am getting hits. so maybe someone can explain that.

    youtube partners – my guess renetto gets the most.
    T#1 – 30k to 50k –
    T#2 – 25k
    T#3 – 10k

    I think those numbers will change next time round and you’ll soon see more outrageous videos to boost viewer ship.

    speaking of – I think participation is a big key here – if you can draw more people in with simple tasks they can throw together fast, along with silly give-a-ways I think ratings will boost.

    outside subject sexual innuendos or pics (always a guarantee hit) any subject that is topical, everyman or technical along with any of the following words in the title: cats, baby, any popular TV shows or personality of the day.

    I like, Cats Eat Paris Hilton’s Baby – that’s got potential viral written all over it! might make a good response video too. photoshop fun!

    so which partner is going to anonymously put the pay scale up on a web site? Could be one of those, I’m not denying. it sort of non-contract binding questions. Still surprised it’s not floating someone on the net, I mean if youtube can keep partners a secret for so long maybe 911 was an inside job 😉

  6. jischinger

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Don’t read your posts before you hit the enter button – they’re hilarious!!

  7. I know how much partners make, but I’m not going to tell anybody so people can hate me, watch my videos so they can tell me they hate me and that I suck, get millions of views, become a partner, and profit.

  8. Hey Nalts,

    I have some questions about the history of video blogging and the history of Nalts (you).

    Did the guys who made YouTube intend for it to be used as a video blogging site?

    Have you ever been to a YouTube gathering?

    What do you think are the genre antecedents to video blogging? Do you think it came out of reality TV?

    Can you write a post where you watch your first two videos and then your last two videos and reflect on how your style has changed and why?

    Where do you live?

    Do you use StickAm? I tried to use it but I don’t understand how to do it.



    YouTube ID: jennafeindel
    ps. I think YouTube partners make $500 a year.

  9. Here’s what doesn’t seem to make sense – YT is rather reluctant to admit that the community is comprised of members that greatly contribute on a consistent basis traffic to the site. Yet the partnership program exits partly as a means of enticing creators to stay loyal to YT and not jump ship to another site like Revver or MetaCafe. If you don’t need the partners or the community, why even spend the time on any of it?

    Also interesting to note, sxephil and whatthebuck both spend a lot of time plugging their own websites (and i’m sure they get a lot of traffic), and I notice they don’t use YT embeds on their sites.

  10. I had one partner tell me it was “pennies”, so I’m guessing unless you get around a million views, it’s going to take a long time to accumulate that US$100 (or whatever the threshold is) for them to actually send out a cheque.

  11. Psychomelody: fine! I’m not going to watch you now or ever again – however, if you tell me maybe, just maybe I’ll watch.

    sukatra: you’re so easy!

    Jenna: all of us here have (fill in the blank) that anyone of us could answer those question for him.

    sukatra or anyone else want to fill in the blank?

  12. I heard the partners signed 30 million dollar a year contracts. That doesn’t count endorsements. Was I given bogus info?

  13. About $800 per million views. Original partners make a bit more than that. What surprises me is how varied the deals are with the “big” names. There’s about 6-8 Partners that I know have let the cat out of the bag, and none of their deals are identical.

    I’m interested in what the “Platinum Partnership” entails. Damon Wayans claimed Google guaranteed him 60 million impressions for his channel, which made me wonder how Google plans to back up that promise.

    Maybe with some kind of tool for searching the internet. An “engine” if you will.

  14. Whatever the Tier One income level is, those who receive it seem desperate, DESPERATE I say (sell out their own father with incest allegations desperate), to increase it.

    I just don’t get why Youtube doesn’t open up ‘Adcents’ qualifications to everyone. 98 percent of them will never ever ever in this lifetime meet the $100 threshhold for payment so Youtube keeps all that ad income.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and again until it’s no longer true: I’ve tried all of the revenue-sharing sites. ALL of them. Each and every %$^&# one of them, and so far, only Revver has actually paid me. Oh and that $5 gave me to STOP posting videos to their site. Yeah. So Revver and That’s it.

    Oops. Viewbug. How could I forget Viewbug. My videos have won (and been paid) $45 on Viewbug recently. I think out of pity, but I’ll take it.

    Oh, and I made a couple of thousand on non-revenue-sharing websites. But that’s off topic.

  15. Apparently my videos exposing the partnership “buzzed” a nerve in the halls of “san Demis”. Chad called me and is now paying me 5000 a month, this is my last week on the regular job. Oh wait, did i just violate my nondisclosure agreement? he asked me who else deserved that kind of money i could only think of nutcheese..uhgm uhm uhm i meant Nalts. i allways get those two confused. its the renetto style glasses i guess.

  16. I’m in the YouTube partnership, were paid fairly a small amount.

    I get millions of views and earn about $250 a month ^_^ It should be more though!

  17. Mririan,

    you should be getting that pretty face on other sharing sites, like revver. youtube is not the only paying site, but Nalts can tell you that or simply do a search for charlestrippy on google and find the sites he is on. i am sure you can have the same impact on other sites as you do on yotube. 🙂 Never be affraid to explore the possibilities!

  18. Wether it’s Mririan or not, the $250 a month doesn’t sound right. Do the math. If she gets paid $2.5 per 1000 views, and averages 1 million views per month (per video). So that comes to $2.5 x 1000 = $2,500 PER VIDEO! Her latest video close to 500,000 views and it’s only been out 1 friggen week – which translates to $1,250 just for that 1 week. Not bad for staring at a webcam for about a minute.

  19. Yeah, MY Partnership math isn’t working lately, either. I doubt if folks are getting $2.50 per thousand views on YT these days. More like 2.5 CENTS per thousand views. Or less. Text ads pay nowhere near what InVideo ads paid.

  20. For 1M views at 2.5 cents / 1000 only comes to a measly $25 per 1M views. If that’s the case, YT is severly cashing in on it’s so-called “partners” .

  21. My static ecom site gets aprox 1,000 hits a month, yet produces close to $9-10K / month in revenue. These are highly targeted hits, with people willing to spend though.

  22. I just partnered with youtube tonight and i’m awaiting their response..i have several videos that i have shot and edited and i have a plan in mind to make a video go viral, very hard to do but not impossible..good luck to anyone out there thinking about making it big !!it’s a dog eat dog world !

  23. I remember seeing a video on youtube posted by soulja boy… It said that he got payed 15 cents for ever comment, and 2 cents for every view his videos got….

    That video has been removed.

  24. i have heard they do pay for both views and comments. i’ve heard it’s $2.50 per 1000 views. i can think of one partner who has asked for both views and comments because it makes money but he didn’t say how much. He went on to say that even if he could tell us he wouldn’t which just sounded arrogant. Anyway he’s started to annoy me and I might unsubscribe.
    Most partners are worth more than they make tho. He is not one of them.

  25. i was thinking about this the other day, and i guessed that it was something like two and a half mills ($0.00.25) per hit. that turns out to be the same as the $2.50/1000 hits that several other people suggested

  26. I believe youtube partners should get paid a lot, i mean the website is one of the richest in the world, a lot of that money should go to the people who are making people go to that website.

  27. Something that kinda stood out for me was Philip DeFranco (sxephil) was studying medicine (or something similar – i think), and yet near the end of his course he dropped out to make more videos… It makes it seem like me may be getting more income from YouTube than from being a doctor – which is insanely high.

  28. @#41 Peter: “i mean the website is one of the richest in the world,”
    Your’re way off. They are losing sh*tloads of money each month because their costs are way higher that the ad revenue they are earning. So actually they shouldn’t pay anyone who posts videos on the site (from a financial point of view) These YouTube guys got really lucky to be aquired by google otherwise would now be 404 – file not found.

  29. $20 per 5000 views. Comments payout $.02 per comment over 1000. It’s posted in the YouTube help section – don’t understand why everyone thinks it’s such a mystery.

  30. Magibon videos now average 150,000 views, not 1 million. She’s putting out 3 videos per month and is getting paid $20 per 5000 views.

    So, that equates to 20*30*3 = $1,800 per month

    Japan is expensive. I doubt Youtube income is her only source. Also, I doubt she’s paying rent for housing when she has tons of fanboys in Japan who would be willing to give her free room and board in exchange for uhhm.. other benefits (if you know what I mean)

  31. can you link to the $20/5000 hits in the YouTube help section? I cannot find it there. Trying to decide whether it’s worth reediting all my videos to get rid of copyrighted music.

  32. i’ve been a youtube partner for around eight months, i get over a million views (average 1,200,000) on most of my videos and the money i have earned so far is a staggering….$30.16!

    pfft. it doesn’t make sense. i have contacted google about this, but i never get a reply.

    i think they pay out the big companies differently.

  33. Partners get paid enough to quit their day jobs.. alot of the partners have!! The amount they get paid depends on the views obviously and also everytime a viewer clicks on an ad, they get paid more.. Factors such as view ratings and how many times the videos get favourited determines how much the advertisers pay the partners on the next video..
    how much they get paid? im guessing 1 dollar per 2000 views..
    that works out as for every million views, you get $500..
    but that is just a very wild guess

  34. Some partners make more money than others of course that is true. I have not made enough through the partner program to cover the normal expense of shooting high quality video. The ad revenue generated through clicking of the ads far exceeds anything youtube will pay me per views. On average I have over 200,000 views per month. Early partners were on a different contract deal then when I entered the program. One thing I wish youtube would do is let us have the ability to see what ads are clicked on what video so we could gear our videos towards that audience. The goal is to have legitimate clicks so that the advertiser can have a sale and the content provider is paid for use of the video. I have noticed more ads that are not relative to the In my opinion youtube marketers really need to start hitting the real content with correct ads and promoting those videos. Viral video is ok but it will sale on television or a television like market, which youtube will be facing in the near future. Hulu is killing youtube in profit and its because youtube does not know how or where to market. If youtube had a few television marketing advisors in the mix it would probably really help them out. This is just my opinion

  35. heyya Please check out my page on youtube buzchannel and please subscribe ! it would mean alot (:

    Ok I think that YP make 30K a year unlike fred and commountiychannel they get 500K a year or probably more

  36. After over 2 million views for JumbaFund, KevJumba said he earned $1,218 for charity just off of YouTube. 2,000,000×0.02 = $40,000. I would have to disagree that they get paid 2 cents for every view.

  37. Working with the KevJumba/JumbaFund setup –

    IF he is being legitimate (which I think he isn’t, I mean, partners aren’t supposed to be allowed to reveal their ad revenue to people I thought?) he got $1708 for 2,000,000 views (a little over that number.)

    That works out to be $1 per 1108 views, a bit of a strange number.

    I get the feeling certain ads pay different amounts – jumbafund does both InVideo and side panel advertisements, and it’s likely the amount for each impression is different.

    Those annoying non-transparent ones likely pay the most, but JumbaFund doesn’t use those.

  38. I’ve been reading this and I’m a partner with youtube. I do have 1,400 videos on youtube. I generate 80,000 views a day in all my videos and my revenues are $1,200 per month on average. This month I might reach the $2,000 mark. I’ve been a partner for a year. I don’t really know how the deal on views, comments,etc. But I know If a video reaches 5,000 hits and more, that video will generate more money. I have roughly 175 videos that pass the 5,000 views mark and 3 that are around 3,000,000 views so the popular videos you have, the better income will generate. My goals are to make at least $5,000 a month. Now I’m uploading 100 videos a month. I know some partners are making $400 and more a day. If your videos are popular and has tons of views then expect to make good money. Also it will depend what type of videos you have so advertisers will feel good telling youtube what channels are good for them for their products. channel is making bank or any celebrity channel.

  39. There is one girl doing a charity channel that just started and she has only had about 150,000 views so far but stated on her channel that she has already raised 1,000 dollars. On her personal channel for make up reviews she generates about 500,000 views per video that she puts out each week, so I cant imagine how much money she is making. I goto school with her and she once told someone that she makes around 500 a video. Her family is poor and she used to live off her boyfriends credit card, now she wears 900 dollar christian loubitin shoes and carries around a prada bag.

    This girl is raging popular over the internet but doesnt have any friends at school or get recognized for any of her art work, most people have never even heard of her. Its crazy how someone can become so famous over the web and have all these friends they make money off of but be complete loners in real life when they seem so self absorbed on the internet.

  40. I just read about this YouTube documentary coming out and there’s a small clip of DaveDays saying that the “money’s good” and that he doesn’t really need to go to college because he’s making enough, something like that. The guy drives a BMW at what, 17-18, I’m sure he’s being paid well. I’m pretty envious of the guy, he only has to put out a video a month and he’s pretty much set.
    Smpfilms once said he was making six figures, and he doesn’t have nearly the amount of views as someone like Fred or Smosh, so I can’t imagine what those guys are earning. Speaking of Smosh, they said in an interview that they were making enough to not have to have a day job, so again, they’re doing well.
    And since we’re on a roll, ShaneDawson, sheesh! This guy is averaging what, 500k-2million views per video and it seems like he’s putting one out every couple days. I saw that fancy new house you moved into Shane haha
    I believe yourmom is talking about beauty guru MichellePhan…I read she is going to sign a contract with Lancome?(a highend beauty brand sold in department stores) I don’t know if that’s true, but she does have her new very expensive skincare line, so as the story goes, I’m sure girl’s making bank.
    The whole Carls Jr Mushroom burger sponsorship thing I’m sure earned some of them all a few thousand as well.

    I’ve always just assumed the average was around $1,000 per million views. But for instance with JumbaFund, he had up 3 videos totaling around 1,700,000 views and he only earned $400. Then the second time he had 2,200,000 views and he said he earned $1700 so I think it really depends on how many advertisements people are clicking on, there is no set number.

  41. Aah, you’re just jealous cuz you live in a dinky little has-been country. Move over here to the good old US of A. You know you wanna…


    If you’d like to show support 😀 And also, I believe I just spent 30 minutes reading all these comments lol 🙂 That’s pretty crazy. I’m not a partner, but I always hoped that I would be making 1-2k a month for my videos by 2010. I would truly stop making videos if I found out that I was making less than 1-2k a month when my videos are getting over a million views in less than a week. (Shanedawson/Smosh/Fred) etc. Those partners would not be making videos if they made any less. That is why I believe that if you were to make partner you would make about a dollar every 1-2 thousand views. Not sure though 🙂 Just hoping that you make that much <3

  43. This is probably the best reference yet to YouTube partners and what they make. The partners range in views from sxephil or fred generating a million views a week to the small time scum like me. LOL. I have one video at 3/4 mil, and about 15 that have gone past the 10k mark. but most of the rest are 1,000 to 2,000 views. The biggest reason is because I choose not to do topical stuff, I’m just not very good at it. If you make a video about a celebrity like sxephil or WhatTheBuck then you are going to get a lot more hits than someone like me cracking jokes. Also I saw MarkApsalon commented above. If you have a show where you are reviewing equipment or software like he does, that can generate more views. Like I said before, I am pretty small potatoes but I like it that way, and I generate about $100 ever two months. I also put out only one video a week too. So the range really varies.

  44. Can someone please tell me:

    In order to be a youtube partner, do ALL videos you upload need to be free of copyright infringement and/or be suitable for all viewers?

    What if you made a show that was free of copyright infringement, but had other uploaded videos that are not?
    Could youtube only place ads on eligable videos, or must all videos on the page follow the rules for partnership??

  45. I think youtube is getting their feet wet and soon will (maybe)open the doors to something that will help us videographers money.
    2010 will bring on a new wave for online video no doubt.
    Last week I got an invitation to prepare videos to sell at this website as soon as they launch, I think I have a better chance with them then youtube.

  46. Hmm… very interesting hehe. I’m an amateur producer and I’ve realized that YouTube is probably one of the most accessible means to distribute my work…

    The most money I have made from a video was a drunk slapping contest between my friends that I happened to get on camera, and submitted to which earned me a cool $400. It would be great to get income from YouTube though!

  47. Any ideas what topics are most popular nowadays? I’m seeing explosion in view count for teenagers’ videos showing “what’s in my purse” which is a total garbage and I won’t ever waste my time to do such videos.

  48. In YouTube’s own partnership guidelines they state that you “should own ALL rights to your video”, and “should NOT monetise: a photograph, any music, any film or tv visuals, any artwork, or any theatrical work, unless you created the contents of the entire video.”

    So my question is, what about people that are making money from videos they lazily shot of other peoples’ content? For example, if your entire video consisted of a single shot of a stage show, a live concert, or a theme park attraction, are you allowed to make money from that? I’ve seen a lot of people that are, and it just doesn’t seem right. Might they one day have to give all the money they made BACK to YouTube?

  49. I would like to know how WhatTheBuck gets away with showing photos in his monitized videos. Anyone know?

  50. This stuff is just mindblowing. I’ve been watching Shay Carl’s videos so much now – I mean, on his new channel – SHAYTARDS – he uploads one video per day, which takes him just a couple hours a day to upload, and he usually gets over 200,000 views within the first couple days, and lots of videos over the 1,000,000 mark. So, since he is on like video 350 on his channel, how much you think he makes for over 200,000,000 views?? He has other channels too that have lots and lots of views too.

  51. My brother has two channels one with 8,000,000 views and and newer one with 2,000,000 views the oldest one with the most views consistently makes $2500-3000 per month whether he adds anything or not.

    The new channel does $800-1200 your content makes all the difference in the world. He lives off his youtube income but he has no kids and no bills other than a car payment and rent.

    MichellePhan- is beautiful that makes a HUGE difference and her click thru rate is off the charts because she peddling makeup, I would not be surprised if she is at the 5K mark per month. Her demos are crazy, young college women with their parents credit cards!

    Shaytards take base on my brothers metrics is like $15-25K per month perhaps more more. The guy is married with 2 1/2 kids living in LA and the wife doesn’t work…do the math he is making a lot of money!

    I am working on a concept now, it seems the most insipid or the most brilliant content gets the most hits.

  52. I recently got my first check from google – $100. Some of my vids have nearly 1 million views. I wish I could figure out how to make $1 per 1000!

  53. people expecting to make money by pointing a webcam at themselves.. this is one of the problems with our society.. and one of the reasons people in lesser societies, despise us. Get off yourselves.. get off youtube. DO something instead of talking about nothing. Stop expecting money for bullshit marketing.

  54. I don’t have any youtube experience but based on my experience with CPC ads on my own websites, I would say earning $1 per 1000 views is good and probably higher than what the average youtube video earns.

    Your earnings are based on the number of ad views, your click-through rate, and the average cost-per-click for your video which formulates your eCPM or earnings per 1000 views. So each user will have their own eCPM.

    Here’s a link to a youtuber experiencing what he considers a low eCPM ($0.23 cents / 1000 views) on his youtube videos:

  55. “people expecting to make money by pointing a webcam at themselves.. this is one of the problems with our society.. and one of the reasons people in lesser societies, despise us. Get off yourselves.. get off youtube. DO something instead of talking about nothing. Stop expecting money for bullshit marketing.”

    100% true. These people are contributing NOTHING to society. They have the IQs of a doorknob, no education, they have no skills and produce nothing to the world. It’s all mindless dribble. I watched a few mins of sxephil’s video a few years ago and I felt dumber for doing so. I accidentally clicked on a video of his the other day and a few seconds into it I could already feel my IQ falling rapidly. Get the fuck off youtube and try to make money doing something worthwile. I only use youtube to watch old music videos, I don’t support any of these fuckers with their NON-FUNNY, self-absorbed, BORING ASS fucking shit that they spew out every day.

  56. I think Chris is being just a tad harsh here. To say that people like Philip Defranco have no intelligence or education isn’t really fair. If he wasn’t making something that MANY people found entertaining, he wouldn’t have over a million subscribers. And to say he should get off of YouTube and try to make money some other way is pretty silly… he’s getting a six figure income for talking to a video camera. Wouldn’t you do it if you could?

  57. there are people like charles trippy and shay carl or even shane dawson who easily make 6 figures on youtube. they are getting over 300,000 thousand vies a video and they make almost 2 to 300 videos a year.

  58. After doing a ton of research I came up with this info:

    eCPM “effective cost per thousand views”
    Most of youtubers range from 20 cents to a dollar on their eCPM.
    So for a million views the pay out would range from $200 to $1000

    The info I researched could be off but this is my guess.

    So this guy that video blogs about fixing cars has 80 million views:
    So he is probable making anywhere from $16,000 to $80,000 for posting his hobby online.

    Seems that the average eCPM is right around 50 cents. Seems like very few of the partners would actually make some decent cash.

  59. I have enjoyed making videos for years. I created my first You Tube account a few years ago but only uploaded one video of me talking about my Success Leaders For Life channel. I wanted to help others get out of ruts and fight the ongoing battles in their lives cause life’s hard, right? I uploaded only one video and soon after chose to do other things, losing the vision for the time being. I kept watching other random You Tubes videos from time to time and recently just got back into making videos. I was really impressed when I saw the potential to make $$$ from just a silly video@#$%^&* If I would’ve know back when I created my first channel then, who knows? Maybe I would of pursued video more. NE ways I have a video that I posted about two weeks ago and I have something like 1,300 views. Two days ago YT asked me to be a partner!!! It is a stupid video of a lizard biting nipples, fingers, and my tongue… ha ha
    The only problem is that i used an old blues song on the video and I think my audio editing made it pass through their filter? I don’t want to accept the invitation to become a partner because YT states that they must evaluate your video up for consideration thoroughly. There aren’t enough views on that particular video for me to get all worked up anyways. I am thinking a lot on how to get more channels with good content and not just crap like the nipple video(even though I love being silly too). I also created a CookinWithCaleb channel which I am anxious to start uploading my home made cook-ups! i don’t know what is in store but I do know that I enjoyed making videos before the YTPP.

    Ohh and what’s up with those Haters??? Who cares!!! They don’t have anything going for them because all they have to say is what’s on their minds, negativity. Don’t listen to when others “Hate” on you cause they just want to bring you down to their self-made, glass is half empty, perception on life that is ultimately become their reality. It’s great that YT offers this program. I’d like to see what difference they have made to make the world a better place*


  60. This still sort of seems worth it, I am starting to social network now for my game and movie review channel. So Mr. Nalty what your saying is that youtubers do get payed but the amount differs because of the popularity of a youtube channel. So do you have any tips on how to get your youtube channel more popular or how to increase the number of legitamate views per video? It still seems interesting. I am kind of nervous about making my first video, so any advice that you could offer would be greatly appreciated.


  61. I am a youtube partner and I find this article very accurate. Thanks for putting it all out there for people and letting the truth be told. I often here about how much some partners make, I think they are overstating the truth. They just featured me on TV and said I make $1,000 every month. I don’t make anywhere near that.


  62. i just read a comment where someone said a youtube partner earns 2 cents per click 😀
    just imagine: if u get a million views, this would make 20000 euros (approximately 26000 dollars) for one vid!
    and if you have about 300 videos on your channel, this would make A LOT OF money 😀

  63. A million views DOES NOT equate to a million clicks. A small percentage of viewers actually click on an ad. One percent? Two? So a million views is a thousand clicks is $20.00?

  64. Want to be a top in youtube?

    1. – shoce your audience – youtube users are usually pre-pubescent teens.
    2. – create joke videos (all tops are joke related)
    3. – try to be as retarded as possib. Plebeys watch retarded things (Fred)

    Use system gaps and profit.
    After all I don’t care if your kid grows up retarded ha ha

  65. Well… I got some information from wikianswers. My own input is thrown in there too… but most of my resources and information came from wikianswers

    NOTE***** the percentage goes up with more views/subscribers but this is the MINIMUM!*And there are other alternatives than adcents… one guy personally promotes state farms insurance and gets paid more!

    Youtube pays for the “viewers” that you bring in consestantly
    Addcents are those adds that you see on the sides and in the videos and before the videos etc. (At least that’s a personal logistical conclusion that I have made as a 15 year old.)

    “Youtube’s/add-cents payout schedule:
    $ 0.0033/1 view
    $ 3/1,000 view
    $33/ 10,000 views
    $330/ 100,000 views
    $3300/ 1,000,000 views” -(

    This means that Ray William Johnson gets paid:

    2,000,000+ views each video
    X 2 videos a week
    x 4 weeks per month
    52,800+ a month

    Examples of payout:

    Youtube Parter :

    “As a member of the Youtube partners program, they typically pay 1/3 cents to 1 cent per view. As you get more consistant viewers, they pay a higher percentage. Some of these posters can make a very significant income off their videos. “-(

    Read more:

  66. Dame thats a lot of money for just posting videos, but getting millions of views per month is a big deal. I don’t think many people can get that amount of views.

  67. even making conservative calculations on views per video, and money per 1k views, raywilliamjohnson would be making an estimated 40,000$ a month.

    1$ per 1k views.

    about 5000k views per video.

    2 videos a week= 10,000k views per week

    4 full weeks=month, 40,000k views per month

    40,000k=40,000$ conservatively

    realistically he is probably making twice the amount of money per 1k views with all the demand, popularity, and ads his show has. 2$ per 1k views would be 80,000$ a month! the dude should be making crazy dough. his videos have 646,000k views (646,000$) put together in only 1.5 years he has been on youtube. that fag fred has nothing on rwj.

  68. The information that Michael above took is from someone who’s selling a product to supposedly get you more views, so he’s taken the best case scenerio to try to convince you that you’ll make a lot of money by buying his product to get a lot of views.

    Don’t believe it – it’s not true for 99% of Partners. I’m a YouTube Partner on two channels, and have been since 2008. I’d say I make about 40 cents per thousand views on my videos. I have over 100 videos on each channel and almost 3 million views in total.

    There isn’t a lot of money in it unless you are at the top, so yes Ray probably makes a lot, but don’t get your hopes up that you will too unless you get as big as him – the best part about being a Partner for the rest of us is the branding features. The money is just a nice little bonus because I still pay more for props, costumes and equipment than I make from being a Partner.

  69. I would say that it’s probably a good third of what people are saying that their making. Of course, a youtuber is not going to tell you how much they make right out, but I was watching a vlog of Shaycarls on his Shaytards channel one day, and he nearly spells it out for you. He says he makes about the same amount of money that he made as a granite countertop guy, and he owned his own business. Conservatively speaking, a person who owns their own business in that business, after taxes, overhead, payroll, they would probably clear anywhere between $4k-6k per month. Let’s just say that we take the high side of that, and say that Shay makes about $6k a month, 12X6 is $72 grand a year, not bad for just making videos every day. And that just off his Shaytards channel, but he also owns a production company, he also hinted at that as well. But he’s clearly in partnership at the Station, probably got dealings in take180, (I seen one vlog where he got paid to act in one video, hinted that it was around $1200, didn’t say exactly but it was obviously around that number) not including what he makes off of Shaycarl, Iphonetard, and Shayloss (though that one is kinda dead now) channels..who knows? He’s probably in the $150-200k range, which would make sense, that he basically was struggling in LA, but now seems to be living large out in Idaho and making 3-4 trips per month out to LA. Notice the house? Probably $1200-1500 a month, Shay said that he was paying less than $1,000 month there, than they did in that little house they rented out in LA…that makes a ton of sense, since median rent is around $2500-3000 a month in LA! Shay is just one example, Shane Dawson talks about how much he makes too, again, he don’t come right out and tell you, of course not, but he does give hints. He now rents out 2 apartments, 1 he lives in, 1 he does his videos in, there were some hints given in one video that says that he pays the rent for his mom as well. but I couldn’t tell you that for sure, they were just some minor talk about that and he doesn’t actually say he does, but the hints are there. There are actually quite a bit of what he says that makes you think that he makes quite a bit a money per month, relating to what his past, because he specifically mentions that he makes more on youtube than he could make on a full time job, and exaggerates it by saying “FARRR MORE!” with his hands gesture, which makes me believe that his main channel is pulling in more than Shaycarls (after all he is in the top 10 most subsribed list, and Shay is only in the 30’s or so) So conservatively $7-$9k per month? Just on his main channel, counting all the sub channels he’s got, plus he does a lot work with take180 as well…he’s doing pretty good for himself.

    Bottom line, top youtubers are doing $150-200k a year, everyone else, probably about a third of that, if you make $50k a year making vidoes for online, your doing a lot better than some folks are working fulltime! Medium income fpr 2010 working 35+hours a week? 48k a year!

  70. I make money by youtube but not paid by youtube my customers find me on youtube and I don’t have to wait for the pennies youtube pays I get cash from my customers

  71. If Youtube pay so much, Michelle Phan is making at least 20,000 a month because she got 8 or more million views per month? Wow… no wonder why she drop out of school to only make videos, and I saw that she posts so many videos per month.

    Wow, who wants to bother with college if those junk vids make so much money for her? I wantt to quit my job and college to start making Youtube videos to, seriously.

  72. Every partner makes a different rate per view, also affected by how it’s viewed, add-ons, etc.

    The reason the actual rate MUST NOT be disclosed is because it is an actuarial calculation; it determines how much risk premium the company invests in you, for potential revenue generated by subsequent views. If this calculation gets out, it not only jeopardizes Youtube’s current business model, it prevents other partners from realizing success, and will drive the market away, and in favor of competitors.

    Thus, a woman who gets millions of views discussing cosmetics, jewelry, etc will easily earn many multiples of say, a guy doing gaming commentary. I didn’t know who this Fred was, so I checked out his channel after reading this. The kind of videos he puts out will be underwritten at a rate tens, perhaps hundreds of multiples lower than say a diet channel, simply because no matter how you impute potential revenue generated, it will be much less than women buying diet stuff. I might not have a good idea of what Fred is about, since I randomly looked at 3-4 of his videos, but I got the impression his audience is either a child or borderline retarded. There is close to zero probability the kids watching his videos will grow up to possess any earning (spending) capability.

    To answer this post’s original question simply: What do I think partners make? I’d estimate, an industry average of $31,000, with a large standard deviation of $4,000, simply because the content, and therefore audience (potential spenders) vary by so much. Of course the odd two or three that make $200k are top .0001 percentile. It’s probably an overly conservative valuation of the average youtube partner, but I’ll stand by it. Like the author said, it’s not enough to sustain a family, or even to live comfortably.

    This “job” is for someone charismatic with very few skills, just want a happy easygoing life, and have zero ambition… which seems to be more and more nowadays. And so we load up on Hang Seng EI futures instead.

  73. How do you know this, darkjeshush?

    Also, I highly doubt the average youtube partner makes anywhere near $31,000 a year. I doubt the average partner even makes $3,100 a year.

  74. My “industry average” estimate is normalized around established partners who regularly make videos and get viewed by a steady audience base; if I included all the brand new ones who just got approved for partnership, or channels with 1 or 2 big successes, followed by empty void, the distribution would be skewed greatly to the left. Including all the fledglings, the average would certainly be less than $5,000.

    Second of all, I can’t know for sure 100% unless I got recent inside access to all of YouTube’s data. I am no longer in venture capital, but at one point, I actually had a large piece… back when I was an analyst at Draper Fisher Jurvetson doing due diligence on YT, as well as other companies with similar business models, both pre-IPO and LBO. They all had variations of the same basic model for converting traffic into sales and revenue. Out of the thousands my group looked at, only one or two (in the end, DFJ did not pursue YT) were up to spec for large scale investment, but ended up not living up to past DFJ successes like Baidu or Hotmail.

    We looked at every tiny little thing; things you’d never imagine to be of any importance. But they all matter, for example if CEO and CTO are husband and wife, that’s a big red flag. One of them has to go, or that’s a wrap on any hope of IPO… also say goodbye to that additional $250 million investment. Why? I dunno, I only worked on the mathematical analytics.

    One thing was consistent though. If the company used a revenue sharing system, the payout rate was ALWAYS low enough such that the revenue generated by one true success would cover the losses incurred from hundreds of “Freds”.

    Therefore, it should be no surprise that the failures are overpaid, at the expense of the true successes, who are underpaid. However, I believe Youtube has a contract renewal system that allows for rate increases if your channel generates historically increasing revenues, and they can also terminate you if you fail to meet certain criteria; or lperhaps ower your rate if your revenue results are disappointing. Remember, for the company, it’s not about the number of views, it’s about how much $$$ comes out of them; that is what’s reflected in how much you are compensated. It’s just basic business. So, if your content is in a power sector (fashion, food, exercise, etc), and your channel is doing increasingly well… you should consider lawyering up for your next renewal with this in mind.

  75. yeah. I believe you earn a set percent of what Google makes on your videos: generally 25-60%. I think this means you get around $2.50 per 1k views (because of ad impressions that Google gets paid for) plus a few cents per click or 30-second full ad. I can’t be sure though since I’m not a partner. It’s just from hints I’ve gathered from multiple blogs and videos.

  76. I really don’t understand how YouTube is profitable, especially since they’re paying people to make videos. I have never clicked on a single YouTube ad.

  77. I always wonder how much these people make. I’m planning to upload computer repair videos to youtube, but I really don’t know if it is worth it. Unlike celebrity and music videos, I doubt if I can have a thousand views in a month. I guess I should just try it.

  78. Hey guys,
    I love all this guessing on what partners really make but personally this just made me more determined to become a partner and find out for myself which is what I have now done.
    Here is a tip for you all and based on my experience it is extremely worth while becoming a partner so keep uploading and working on it because you won’t get there without effort.
    Check out my Youtube Channel at:

  79. if your so popular and your videos get millions of clicks per months, why dont you post your youtube channel? Post it after you read this or your a scammer

  80. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha since now i have won over 1 million $ from my youtube videos

  81. I recently was accepted into the partnership program, and despite the fact that I only have 1000-10000 views per video, I’m not too phased by the low payment recieved. I’m only a 14 year old kid, so honestly, whatever I’m making is just a nice little bonus, no matter how much it is. Money’s money! I’m in no need to pay bills or anything anyway, so the pocket money’s good enough for me!

  82. ok, no….. if out this was true about the 2.50 ever 1k view then rwj would make over 1.4 million each year…. he gets like 5 mil views each vid and he puts out 2 vids a week.

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