Exclusive, Leaked BS: How to Manipulate YouTube

cheating viral videosAll the bad advice on how to manipulate YouTube in one handy video. Where do I start?

Buried in this, actually, is some good advice… Like being creative about tagging with less competitive terms. And keeping a video shocking and fast, and coming up with clever names and thumbnails.

But much of it is futile (pay blogs to post, create fake accounts, use fake and misleading headlines with “exclusive” and “leaked”). I am hoping it’s subtle satire.

Some of the ideas are based on Dan Ackerman Greenberg, who received notoriety last November in TechCrunch for revealing his tricks (and some legitimate strategies) that help marketers spread viral videos. Here’s Dan on CNN discussing his tricks o’ the trade from San Francisco. I was so amused and perplexed by Dan that I created a special URL for him last year (per this post):  www.viralvideovillain.com. I still want to meet you, Dan. We can pretend we’re the witches from The Wizard of Oz.
That said, the creator (RunawayBox) made this video a reply to CakkeTeam‘s beloved “Internet Stars are Viral.” And I kinda like that video because I’m in it. Dang shame it never went very viral…

internet stars are viral

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3 thoughts on “Exclusive, Leaked BS: How to Manipulate YouTube”

  1. Jeez, you would think that Nalts of all people would read the description box in the videos he watches.

    Here’s what it says in the description box on the “viral video” video:

    “This parody video will teach you the “secret strategies” behind many viral videos! Check out the original TechCrunch article by Dan Ackerman Greenberg.”

    See nalts, isn’t this way more annoying than when I correct your spelling? I can’t wait to see how you screw with this post!!

  2. Sukatra: When I am the first to post (which, admittedly, doesn’t happen very often) you don’t see me yelling FIRST!!!!!!!!!!! Really, now, sukatra. Show some restraint.

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