Hey, That Creepy Unibrow Songwriter on YouTube is Actually Weezer!

Rivers Cuomo, the lead singer and writer for rock band Weezer, is employing YouTubers to help him write a song in steps. The first step was the mood, the second was the title, the third was chord progression. Yesterday he posted this video about the arrangement.

rivers weezer youtubeWe give this effort an A plus for a creative use of the online-video medium — collaborating with fans. And extra credit for the established musician using YouTube instead of dragging people to weezer.com to engage.

Cuomo’s unibrow and mustache, however, look like props from a Jon LaJoie rapist glasses or pedophile beard video. Speaking of which… after a day of work, I can actually feel my back and chest untighten when I watch Jon LaJoie videos. You get a guilty laugh when seeing his “masturbating in public trench coat” humor, but it does the trick. I feel like I’ve seen him on TV somewhere, but maybe he just reminds me of the dude from Stella.

News courtesy of Zack Scott, who called the videos “creepy,” even though he doesn’t have much room to talk. But neither do I, really.

15 Replies to “Hey, That Creepy Unibrow Songwriter on YouTube is Actually Weezer!”

  1. I love Weezer! Thought they broke up to go back to grad school. No seriously; they are all supposed to be really smart. I just cheked Wikipedia; apparently that dates back to 1997. I am always right on top of all of the latest rock news.

  2. Yeah Rivers Cuomo (that weezer guy) does tend to do this creepy stare thing where his eyes get really wide. But hey, that’s why we love him!

  3. weezer rules!!! i hope theyll come and visit the philippines…
    im a filipino fan since 1994!!!!
    more power!!!!

  4. Weezer please go to Costa Rica in central america
    Weezer is the best rock band

    Porfavor weezer vengan a costa rica

    Rivers i need to see you singing with John Fogerty (Creedence Clearwater Revival (69 rock and roll band))

    Rivers a John make a good team
    Please Weezer go Costa Rica¡¡¡¡

  5. rivers looks like a muppet with that ‘stache. Not sure if its a good thing or bad. Just saying. That or the long lost son of porn king John Holms. Very 70’s!

  6. Weezer’s fan page has posted a link to this post twice. I can’t BELIEVE the fans haven’t killed me for the unibrow comment. But the “muppets with a stache” is kinda funny. That’s all I’m sayin’.

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