Online Video in UK: YouTube vs. BBC

Hitwise reported recently on the dramatic growth of online-video viewing in the UK. Time to start faking a Brittish accent in my vlogs.

The most interesting part of this, for me, is that YouTube’s total traffic is higher than the next 10 properties combined. And YouTube’s 69% share of the top 10 is followed by a paltry 5.6 percent share by the BBC. Can it last?

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  1. Since YouTube brought in the ‘who watches your videos’ map, I’ve realised that I have almost nobody from the UK watching my videos. Number 1 audience is the US, followed by Australia then Canada but after that… not much.

    There’s obviously a huge niche there that I just have to plug into.

  2. Hi Nalts,

    I’m sorry I didn’t check this blog for awhile, I go in spurts of reading the ones on my list.

    I hope that you are feeling better and doing okay now – after reading a few of your recent posts I am a bit worried about you. Know that there are so many people who love your videos, ideas, and person, even if they don’t read a blog and even though some people are really loud when they don’t like you. Your videos always brighten my day.

  3. I Love Led Zepplin. I am also not a corporate goon. I am a teacher. At least, I try to be. Not always easy with the population I teach.

  4. Nalts, an occasional reader from the UK here – expect British online video consumption to increase massively over the next few months and years. The BBC recently launched the iPlayer which allows Biritish residents fulla ccess to all the BBC’s programs from the last week.

    It works really well and has a fantastic tagline of: ‘Making the unmissable, unmissable.”


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