Why I Haven’t Posted a Video in a While (Like You Care)

Why haven’t I posted a video in nearly a week? You decide:

  1. I’m out of ideas. Like Gary Larson, only I was never as funny.
  2. I took Easter off. And can’t get back.
  3. One of my irreverent videos went “viral” in my company, and unintentionally hurt someone’s feeling. I’m keeping a low profile.
  4. I’m too sleepy.
  5. Self deprecating Kevin says my ideas suck.
  6. I’m too busy punching myself in the face because I’m so annoying.
  7. I’ve decided to abandon NaltsGetsFit and do a NaltsEatsShit channel. Live Stickam viewings of my midnight cereal binges.
  8. I’m busy getting Zen with Eckart Tolle, who tells me it’s madness to judge myself by how many subscribers I have. He doesn’t actually say that.
  9. I’m trying to think of a big April’s Fools joke. I can’t find my walk-e-talkies to do “the talking purse.”
  10. I want to give the nation constipation.
  11. If you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing.
  12. Insert your own reason here.
  13. Marilyn doesn’t like my blog anymore because it’s not fun and nobody is commenting. So she won’t like my video ideas.
  14. I don’t feel like making room on my hard drive, despite my external drive count reaching 12.
  15. I won’t make another video until Mac gives me a free Mac Air, the cheap bastards.
  16. I tried to learn Final Cut Express, and it’s overwhelming. But I feel like going back to iMovie is a sign of weakness. Like going back to size 38 pants.
  17. There is no 17th excuse.

Author: Nalts

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21 thoughts on “Why I Haven’t Posted a Video in a While (Like You Care)”

  1. Hi Nalts

    As nobody is commenting on your blog, I thought I’d comment. It’s not really a sympathy comment, more of a guilt-induced comment, but a comment all the same!

    I read your blog through google reader, so I guess I’m a bit detached from the actual post and the extra click to this site is too much when I’ve got so much content to read on reader. Perhaps it’s something I should work on, even up the taking with a bit of giving.

    Keep up with the blog – you’re one of the only content providers on my reader that writes useful information.

    Hurray for Nalts!


  2. Oh, I SO want to hear the story about the video that went viral in your company.

    And I ALWAYS comment on your blog. In fact, here’s the order of my activities each morning:

    1. check aol for any emails (never anything there).
    2. check your blog for new blog entries.
    3. check your blog for new comments on old blog entries.
    4. check youtube to see if you’ve done a new video.
    5. look at my channel page and bemoan the number of subscribers I have.
    6. Watch my own videos compulsively to try and get the number of views up higher.
    7. Blow renetto.

  3. 12. You popped 15 Ambien about 4 days ago thinking they were tic-tacs typing the plethora of blogs the past couple of days, going in and out of consciousness, you realize your breathe still stinks and you won’t remember any of this until very early Saturday morning when you’ll bust out a viral April Fools Day video in less than 20 min @ 1:30am.

  4. 2 should be “I took Easter off and now it doesn’t fit anymore”

    12. Too busy putting a Toyota steering wheel on my Honda so my shots can match.


    Or you can be honest like me any blame it on your job(s)

  5. Don’t give up Nalts! I still love you! And I will always comment as long as sukatra continues to comment; I can’t let her win the comments war (I know, she already has).

    I once said that a day without a new Nalts video is like a day without sunshine. And it’s been raining here a lot. And we might even get snow this weekend. SO POST A NEW DAMN VIDEO QUICK!!!!

  6. sukatra: that is so disturbing in so many ways. I can’t get the picture out of my head (even tho I have no idea what you look like; I’ve decided that you look kinda like a cross between HappySlip and my son’s girlfriend, for no apparent reason).

  7. Marilyn – think kathy bates with brown hair.

    Nalts – we are not “sleeping together,” if that’s your euphemism for banging each other. Oral sex is not sex, or at least that’s what I hear from all of Marilyn’s students.

  8. Hey, sukatra, you are too close to the truth. Seriously, I overheard a girl in the hallway the other day emphatically telling another girl that she was not pregnant. These girls were 12 years old! Of course, considering the district I work in, their mothers probably weren’t much older when they had them. But they don’t think oral sex is sex.

  9. sukatra: me too. I have 2 boys. The pre-teen and teenage years were SOMEWHAT more relaxing thatn they would have been with girls. But teaching our boys to be safe and responsible is OUR responsibilty.

  10. Nalts: PLEASE post a video soon. I cannot go on if you don’t. Life is not worth living without my daily Nalts video. I am serious. Don’t toy with me Nalts. You got me addicted and then you just take it away.

  11. What is this shit? “Why haven’t I posted a video in nearly a week?” Someone has lost touch with reality.

    I’d rather have one really good, ironic, surprising video a week from you, Kevin, than 7 lightweight, derivative, poorly edited globbuckets. Although I do enjoy your spontaneous blogs; but those are different than a concept piece and, I assume, take a lot less time.

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