The Curse of Subscriber Self Worth

Seriously, if you’re one of those YouTubers that is on a mad mission to raise your subscriber level, you should know it’s a bottomless pit. You never reach a point where you say, “hey, I’ve made it.” You just keep looking up and seeing there are more popular ones. And suddenly your ego depends on that number, and how many views you get. Then you realize it’s all futile, and you stop caring. That’s when your videos actually get better.

So save yourself the headache. Just make stuff you like. Forget whether people view it, rate it, comment. It’s like trying to find yourself in the eyes of others. There’s my free philosophical advice for the day.

Oh- here are my least viewed videos on YouTube. They’s just as bad as the popular ones, only less popular.

15 Replies to “The Curse of Subscriber Self Worth”

  1. Hurray! Hurray! Kevin has had his flash of lucidity, his holistic moment of Zen! The King is dead, long live the jester! As The Joker said: Why so serious? Let’s put a smile on that face!

  2. Why do I feel like every blog entry you’ve posted today is directed at me?

    I know. It must be my delusions of grandeur. I better start taking those meds again!

  3. I don’t really care about numbers, I just want more people to interact with who pretend they care.



    Heh… I run corporate channels with thousands of subscribers too. I can’t imagine dealing with TOO much of that on my own channel on top of that.

    Oh and I liked Laptops in the Wild…

  4. Most people that are prolific on YouTube (not mentioning any names here; you know who you are) are desperately seeking attention and will never be happy untill the whole world knows who they are. I believe that you may have had an epiphany, Nalts, but I don’t for a moment think your fame-seeking days are over. Just be happy that there are at least 4 or 5 people in the world with nothing better to do than comment on your blog every day.

  5. I think what is more important than total subscribers is perhaps subscribers gained in the last month. I think only about 5% of my original subscribers even check YouTube anymore.

  6. Boy, I don’t know what happened to you yesterday but it must have been pretty bad. Also probably pretty funny.

  7. yikes, a few in there are my favs! you should check in with me first – if I like it you’ll know it’s a dud 😉
    but buck up kev this will pass, it always does. go back to simple beginnings do another 30 sec request video, been a while, connect with your peeps, get inspired!

  8. Kevin, just remember there is a core fan base that you have (Ok, so it’s only me and sukatra) who will watch anything you put up. We miss your videos and long for the day when you finally return to the YouTube fold.

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