“Sorry, Partner” says YouTube

picture-6.pngSorry, Partners. Seems a few YouTubers have been getting the following response when trying out for YouTube’s Partner Program.

β€œThe current level of viewership of your account has not met our threshold for acceptance.”

  • Should they announce what that threshold is on the “who qualifies” page?
  • Or provide a message that is a little more human?
  • Maybe let people know that the ad revenue would be laughable if views are at x level?
  • Give applicants a banner and credits to the Google store, which would be enough for many?

sorry partner

Nah, I think they should just send this clip without any text.

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  1. Why not just let EVERYBODY be a “Partner”? Youtube would get to keep ALL the income the new, low-viewcount “Partners” generate because they’d never reach the $100 payout threshhold.

  2. I’m flattered that my post inspired you to write an entire blog entry. It’s certainly a more interesting blog than your usual ones!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I’m just kidding. None of your blog entries are interesting.

    It’s not about the money – it’s just my twisted sense of self-worth. When I was an actual productive member of society I practiced law at a very prominent firm for eight years, but never made partner. Truth is, they were never going to make me partner. Do you know why? Because I was missing one very important qualification.

    No penis.

    So “partner” is a loaded word for me.

    Ok, now that I’ve bared my heart and soul to everyone on this blog (all 10 of us), you can go ahead and say it. You know you want to. I know it. I can take it. I’m a pathetic little loser. Loser loser loser loser. And don’t forget – also pathetic.

    I’m off to my bed to crawl under the covers and sob myself back to sleep.

    P.S. If you think I’m going to watch a six minute video you are out of your mind.

  3. My partnership application has been pending for months. Then again, even though I was a guest editor I don’t have a single video on my channel over 10,000 views… so I guess that’s how it is.

    Or maybe they’re secretly planning to hire me for one of the many jobs at corporate I applied for, heh.

    I dunno… I’m still working on the algorithm for a “Guaranteed to get Featured” video….

  4. I tried out for the partner program last night, and I know I am not going to get in for sooooo many reasons, probably so many reasons that they won’t even bother sending me an email back, but I have two questions.
    1) How did Cinemafreaks get into the partner program? I think I’m older than Dylan, but you have to be over 18. They threw that rule out the window for him.
    2) How did Urgo6667 get into the partner’s program? His videos are really good, don’t get me wrong, I like them a lot, but even I have more subscribers than him, and nobody even knows or cares who I am. Like you were saying, too, if you don’t get many views at all, they are gonna say “No way Partner!”

  5. Okay I know I went too far with that one, but it just popped in my head and I couldn’t control myself.

  6. I don’t see why everyone can’t be a partner nor why you need a certain level of viewership to qualify. Unless partners are earning revenue from something other than ads the partner program is really no different from Adsense – for which you only need a web site and bank account to qualify.

    No matter how small your audience is you’re still contributing to the overall participation and viewership of the Youtube audience.

  7. I have to wonder why the YouTube Partner program, despite being quite an obvious application of Google Adsense… is so different when they come to paying people, and reporting?

  8. I expect full disclosure from google youtube.

    Who out there is brave enough to give it up and spill ALL the details?

    Come on, Renetto! Stop supporting this behemoth you say your fighting against, dish the dirt.

    and what’s up with zipster? what did he mean youtube is paying him less, I didn’t get the whole story.

    I’m stunned that all the details regarding the partners’s progams aren’t all over the net by now.

  9. I have a couple of channels (ok, so I’ve started a few more than than but they’re pretty much inactive). I applied to UK Partner programme. because one channel has a slightly successful video (almost 1 million views) on it I must have cleared the viewer threshold. However that means my second channel, averaging about 30 views a video, also qualifies, because they’re linked by the same ad-sense account. Cool for me – I get banners! I’m under no illusion, I won’t make money from this, but my thoughts go out to everyone else like me who’s just in it for the banners but has been turned down.

  10. just putting it out there, but they rejected me hard from the partner program, I got the email yesterday. That sucks. Youtube hates me. Maybe if they would give me a small measly feature sometime ever, I COULD have the level of viewership that WOULD meet their threshold for acceptance. AGGGGG!

  11. I just got my rejection letter today. Not too sure what I’m going to do now… maybe something like posting every single copyrighted film and piece of music I own…. at once.

    I’m like the guest editor that time forgot πŸ™

    Oh well… maybe I should spend some time and actually make something that would get featured. I don’t have this fancy film school education for nothin!

  12. Although YouTube just made a number of Australians partners, Australia is not yet on the list of countries that may apply. I don’t think I would though, even if I could. I get around 400 views a video. I don’t think I’d even get paid anything at all!

  13. The partnership program really annoys me, but simply because I want to be one. I got rejected again today, for the same old viewership reason. If 200,000 video views and 2000 subs is lower than their threshold then their standards are set too high in my opinion and certainly doesn’t explain how so many people with lower numbers than that have gotten in.

  14. haha, surely quality not quantity is what they like to see? better 20 videos with 2000 views each than 1000 with 100?

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