How to Make a Great April Fool’s Video

It’s not too late to make that killer April Fool’s video. Maybe you can get it on Metacafe’s April Fool’s section (see blog post, and April Fool’s channel), and get filthy rich. Here are some tips I probably won’t follow because I’m too sleepy to bother.

  1. Fool the viewer. Make them think it’s about one thing, but shock them. Don’t start making a loud sound because that lost its charm about 10 years ago.
  2. Get real reactions. People love public reactions to odd situations. Get their permission when you’re done, because I don’t.
  3. Keep it short. A prank can be done in a minute or so.
  4. Name it something funny but avoid giving up the gag. I’m thinking about putting a walk-e-talkie in a purse and titling it “talking purse.” But I can’t find the stupid walk-e-talkie much less spell it.
  5. Charlie just woke up and said it was the worse day of his life. That’s not part of the list, but I felt I’d offer it. Oh- he wants to make a craft. Forget this list. You’re on your own.

17 Replies to “How to Make a Great April Fool’s Video”

  1. Response to #5:
    I’ll never forget the moment I pulled up to my daughter’s house in Princeton, Texas after driving across the country from Los Angeles to live with her and her family. My 6 year-old grandson Robert saw my truck pulling up and came running out onto the lawn shouting, “Grandpa! It’s Grandpa! This is the BEST day of my life!”

  2. MDJ:

    That story just brought a tear to my eye. Or maybe it’s the finger I keep poking in it.

  3. Maybe a spacecraft?

    I use the be the king of April Fools, but I don’t have any good accomplices anymore. You can’t do an epic April Fools joke with out partners in crime.

  4. I never thought Renetto could make a bigger ass out of himself than he already has. I was wrong.

    Nalts at least you have a little dignity.

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