Google Visitors Are So Weird

Even if nobody reads your stupid blog, it’s worth it just to see what terms people use to find it. Here are some of the searches that led people to this blog. How random. How in the heck are people finding this blog by searching the word “grief”?

free episodes of the office 4
grief 3
how to promote a video contest 2
best boobs 2
fucking ben affleck cast 2
willvideoforfood 2
instrumental music to use in video 1
apple macbook air commercial parody 1
best quality external hard drive 1
five stages of death 1
grief 6
will video for food 6
how to become popular 5
napkin musical 4
doubleclick google food 4
willvideoforfood 4
nalts 3
youtube 3
youtube videos 3
shirtless celebrities

11 Replies to “Google Visitors Are So Weird”

  1. Some of mine for REAL are:

    israeli sex tape (there isn’t one there, but feel free to click)
    sex israel
    arab israeli sex
    arab transvestites (WTF?)
    transvestite israel
    dustin diamond sex tape (I actually posted about that one)

    There are others that are AMAZING – but I REALLY can’t post them here. I wish you could see those with less hits for more than a 7 day period on wordpress (on 30 days it gives me everything that has 3 or more searches).

  2. Why is “grief” on the list twice? I know that reading your blog will occasionally cause me brief periods of grief, but I can’t see how searching that term would bring me here.

    PS-I beat sukatra to this post!!!!!!!!!

  3. Kevin, can you please censor the curse words in this post. I decided to show a whole group of kids in a day care this blog, and they were asking what some of it meant. I had to close the window pretty quick and distract them with candy.

  4. I like the “best boobs” one. I imagine some Kevin just sitting alone in his office thinking to himself: “Okay, I just did a search for boobs, and about half of them were pretty lame. I don’t want to see just boobs anymore. I want to see the BEST boobs.”

    I wonder if he lost trust in Google once he his own site was listed.

  5. As I sit here picking cracker crumbs off my man boobs to snack on, I contemplate the eventual oversaturated desensitization to boobs that must occur at some point in the future of our boobish culture.

  6. marquis,did u see the old seinfeld episode where they were trying out the “mansiere”? u might wanna get fitted for one 😉 Btw,i was watching bill ingvall last night and he said “boobs are the only thing that can cause a 6 month old baby and a 60 year old man to both make the same face!” o well,im bored,guess ill go film the drug dealers next door,and see what they’ve destroyed today, or the crazy neighbor lady that stands on hwy 66 while shes talking to her sister,totally unaware of the cement trucks and 18 wheelers speeding past her! O yea,forgot this post is about google visitors,one of mine searched for “upskirt grandma” to find my blog,another searched for “dog spycam”. I left a link to my video of a B-17 bomber i filmed last weekend,enjoy!

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