Who’s Going to Change Online-Video Advertising?

imedia connections graphicI’ve often debated with myself who’s responsible for radical changes in online-video consumption and advertising. Creators? Marketers? Agencies? Media properties?

I attended a recent iMedia Connection event, and found out an unlikely decision maker that advertisers and marketers agree will be the real driver of change. Um… you. See the chart below. You as the online-video consumer will decide.

Now I don’t think we can expect online-video creators to identify new ways they’d like to be interupted with ads, but this does serve an important point. If you hadn’t decided you wanted to share and view videos on YouTube, there wouldn’t be much of an online-video ad model.

So what’s next, viewer? Tell the marketers and the agencies. They’re watching and waiting.

5 Replies to “Who’s Going to Change Online-Video Advertising?”

  1. What’s next? I’ll tell you what’s next. Sukatra gets featured, gets 500,000 views and 10K new subscribers, gets invited into the partner’s program, and suddenly marketers are after her to advertise how-to books on parenting skills. Or birth control.

  2. I’m bored. WVFF used to be fun. We’d all laugh and play and make fun of each other; ah, the good times! But now, not so much. Just long boring articles that no one reads and even fewer comment on.

    You’re losing your fan base, Nalts. Oh wait; I forgot. You don’t have a fan base. I tried to start the FanClubofNalts on YouTube and that account got 19 subscribers, I think.

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