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Two interesting articles about online-video “seeding” and viral marketing in general, and a few of my favorite quotes:

adage logoJosh Warner, head of Feed Co., a video-seeding outfit in Los Angeles, describes in AdAge his efforts to promote Obama. Who I had a dream about last night, but probably because my wife told me three times she’s registered as a Democrat. I thought I married a Republican, dangit. Then again, Obama’s bumper stickers are pretty cool. And he’s the first candidate that has instilled optimism since Kennedy or Reagan I think.

For most of our consumer-brand seeding campaigns, we guarantee minimum views of 250,000. After all, you can’t call your video “viral” if no one is watching it. Video seeding not only gets your video out there and puts it in front of people likely to pass it around, it’s a great way to stretch a budget — for a political candidate, entertainment company or advertiser.

imedia connections logoAndreas Roell in iMedia Connection has a story about viral marketing. You actually have to click through each section, so don’t think it’s only a few paragraphs.

Viral marketing is the oldest and most trusted form of advertising, and the internet is a modern-day digital watering hole.

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  1. Shit. That was a watering hole??? Whatever you do, DON’T drink it. I thought it was a really big toilet.

  2. Feed Co. gets those views by setting up multiple websites and bogus Myspace pages and refreshing the Hell out of those videos.

    The Guy Catches Sunglasses video had at LEAST a dozen pages dedicated for that purpose.

  3. Great viral video articles. My agency and I recently finished an online game that we are trying to get seeded but to no avail.

    Last year, I was one of 3 people responsible for the “We Didn’t Start The Viral” video and so I’m familiar with the process. I followed the same plan with this game almost exactly but with little or no response. I’m finding that seeding a “site” as opposed to a video is a different situation altogether.

    Any articles you could point me to for more relevant information or information/advice that you would have to offer would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for your time,

    Jason Holloway

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