Cried Laughing at Video

ClipcriticsI’d never heard of them until today, but here’s a YouTube channel called “Clip Critics.” (Thanks to ChristopherMast for the tip).

I went on a wild binge, watching many of their videos this morning. In fact, I missed my morning nap as a result.

But this first ClipCritics episode made it worthwhile. I still have tears in my eyes.

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  1. That’s what the dude gets for klickboxing. I hate kickboxing. It’s barbaric. It’s almost as bad as tying a string around a hamster’s body and dragging it down the sidewalk.

  2. Kevin, that’s very disturbing. What if one of my favorites is one your pulled? I can’t be toyed with that way. I’m on the edge as it is. Like you didn’t already know that.

  3. Oh, Hell NO! I hope you didn’t pull some of my fav’s! Some of my favorites are the less popular ones…*sigh*

    If anybody needs me I’ll be crying in the corner.

  4. A colonoscopy is where they shove a camera up your butt, isn’t it!? What you did was more of a enema. I had to do it over at Revver because of their problems with accounts with over 450 videos, but with all of Youtube’s problems, they don’t seem to have that one.

    Here’s a Youtube problem I AM having: Why can Renetto and ChristopherMast upload 20 minute videos and I’m limited to 10 minutes? Unfair! Unfair! I have several 30 minute (and still under 100 MB) videos I want to upload!

    xjason: you watch videos more than once!?

  5. Holy cow! I just started going through my “favorites” list on YT and the first 4 Nalts videos I clicked on didn’t pop up. I’m so disappointed. Kevin, long ago (when you used to reply to email, lol) I once sent you a list of my top 10 or so videos from you…”S.A.W.” was #1. (it was actually the first video I EVER saw of yours) It’s gone now along with “Pet Peeves.” A total of 6 vids are gone for me.

    Thank God “Brenda the worm” is still around.

    R.I.P. my favorite videosofnalts. :o(

    Happy Easter to you too Kevin…

    Seriously, I’m bummed.

  6. MDJ,

    Hell yeah I do! Especially Nalts’ videos cause they crack me up so much. Amen to the “camera up your butt” comment. Looks like he had Video Viral Diarrea instead!

    That messed up what you did to your sister and the light bulb! LOL :o)

  7. Had to paint my windows black, xj, because of my peeping Tom, tire-burning, baby-making, trashy and congenitally ignorant hillbilly neighbors. (see post link)

  8. Here are the videos I had on my playlist of my favorite nalts videos that are no longer available for my viewing pleasure:

    Merry Christophermast
    Stupid NYC Arch
    Youtube Freaks
    Britney & Nyquil

    Okay, I’ll admit that three of those five are ones in which I’m either mentioned or I wrote kickass comments, which is the primary reason I playlisted them. However – Britney & Nyquil??? What the fuck is up with that? That is one of your masterpieces! I love that video, especially the Ian part with the music which you yourself created! Really, Kevin, is this some kind of existential crisis you’re having? If so, snap out of it!!!! It’s really irritating the hell out of me.

    Oh yeah, and I love that you chose to make them private so that only your “friends” can see them. Your “friends.” Wow. I dedicated a whole playlist to you. Really, Kevin. A knife in my heart would have been less painful.

    Okay, I’m leaving now so I can go die of sadness.

  9. I feel your pain Suka!!! (pronounced Sucka!) :o)

    I guess we’re not in his little “in” crowd of video collaborators and such. You know the people he ALWAYS responds to in the comment section and ALWAYS refers to in his videos…I actually thought you were one of the cool kids, but I guess not. I’m sure those guys all have a signed DVD copy of ALL his videos! I’m crushed too! I actually had “SAW” on my myspace page (ok, that’s embarrassing) promoting him with a link to his video page and everything…it’s gone now.

    Maybe we can hold hands in the corner and sing Kum ba yah. Think it’ll help?

    Death by sadness inevitable too.

    *drip, drip, drip* (sound of my teardrops hitting the floor)

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