Naltsgetsfit Hits First Milestone. Ready for Diet/Health/Fitness Sponsor.

picture-11.pngI launched that March 19 NaltsGetsFit video (yes, the shirtless one) before YouTube’s maintenance problem started minutes ago. Here’s the thumbnail, which populated on my channel page. But the video (despite having 150 views) isn’t appearing in classic YouTube fashion. So I made it, ChristopherMast. You?

I’m ready for a health/diet/fitness sponsor, now. Get me to visible improvement by May 12! Something credible that actually works, please. Maybe take it bigger than one person- get a bunch of us on board to journey our road to healthier living.

May 12 (my bday) is my new fitness milestone. I’m going to feel comfortable while shirtless at the pool this spring and summer… for the first time ever.

… Unlike the look of torture I showed tonight as I revealed my killer abs (buried beneath a remaining Stromboli of cottage cheese).

P.S. Hi, Marilyn.

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  1. You WAXED your chest???????? That is so disturbing to me. Especially since it makes me wonder what else you waxed.

    Okay, now I’m gouging out my internal eyeballs.

  2. I JUST MISSED getting it in before the site went down. Trying to “be cool” and wait for them to “be back 100% in a bit.”

    I think you’ll like it… Oh, and I’M NOT disabling comments and ratings…
    PUSSY! šŸ™‚

  3. That’s some serious “manscaping” you did there bud. I was expecting an arrow of hair pointing down to your privates or something! (so you could post on your privatenalts channel) A little happy trail of sorts… Did you shave your underarms too? Or are you just trying to make your chest bushier for the next shoot, huh? You know, shave it back in hopes that it will fill in a little? Oh, and you have man teets, not manboobs so that’s a good thing. I seriously need a bra myself! *sigh* Oh…and those BIG GUNS!!!! WOW!! I seriously had to look away for a minute. Man, you should spread those images across the web! What an insperation to us all! I’m seriously jealous! :o)

    You’ve got bigger juevos than me and you can tell a difference! For someone who’s already skinny that’s a major step! I’m happy for you…take care my friend. :o)

  4. kev the thing I like about you most is you know just the right things to say to a women, you’re a roll model to us all! btw, did you lose weight? I hadn’t noticed.

    Disabling comments? bawk bawk bawk bawk baaawkkk!

  5. So I shaved my chest- no waxing. I learned recently that *most* people groom their privates too. I had no idea. So now I’m a teenager again.

  6. Grooming your privates not only makes things look nicer, but increases sensitivity/sensation when receiving oral… oh wait… you’re married… HA… never mind.

    Side note:
    Q – You know why a bride always smiles at her wedding?
    A – She knows she’s given her last BJ

    Mine’s processing now…

    P.S. I like naked men.

  7. Nalts mentioned my name! I have finally reached the pinnacle of cool!

    BTW, I never did get to see that video and now I’m at work where YouTube is blocked (I work at a middle school; I can unblock certain sites, but my Flash is out of date so even that doesn’t work. Yes, your children are working with all of the latest technology!), so I can’t even try to find it until I get home. Just hope I can wait that long to see Nalts in all his shirtless wonder!

    PS – sukatra: how many times is this now that you’ve gouged your eyes out after watching a Nalts video? You’d think you’d know better by now.

  8. You know nalts, reading about you shaving your man bits is really kind of creepy. It’s a little like my brother talking to me about the great lay he had last night. Not that he ever has, mostly because he doesn’t get laid. I think he’s still a virgin.

    Marilyn – haven’t you figured out that gouging out my eyeballs is a perverse way of getting my freak on?

    I don’t even know what that means.

  9. “So I shaved my chest- no waxing. I learned recently that *most* people groom their privates too. I had no idea. So now Iā€™m a teenager again.”


    Suka, I feel your pain…for me, even though he’s just a little bit older, I feel like it’s my dad talking to me about shaving his gonads and strife!

    Gonads and Strife

  10. Fit you call that Blob fit? You couldnt get fit if ya fell into a bowl of Jack la Lane. Pfft, some one get him a body bag or maybe a nother stromboli! LOSER! that goes for MAST too!

  11. Wait, you DONT TRIM down there? Every one sing with me, George george George of tghe Jungle, strong as he can be, watch out for that TREEEEEEEEEEEE”, yike seven mast trims! from now one you are George of the Jungle šŸ™‚

  12. They seem like some lofty goals you have there, Mr. Nalts.
    You need something more quantifiable.

    If you’re going to consume less caffeine, I wanna see some kind of before/after test results. Similarly, how are you going to measure muscle versus fat?

    Its one thing to go with personal anecdotes… “Oh I feel so much better.” But I am sure its more satisfying for an audience to have some data they can sink their teeth in. And similarly, if you have a way of observing your progress… you’ll know if you’re doing things that get results.

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