Best Video About Video Game: Arby ‘N the Chief

arby and the chief hugIf it’s one thing that puzzles me — maybe even annoys me sometimes — it’s the proliferation of videos that are simply video screen captures of a video games with added dialogue or music. They’re hard to ignore, though, and often dominate YouTube’s “most watched” and “best rated” videos.

But along comes this masterpiece and restores my faith in gamers nerds everywhere. It’s called “Arby ‘n’ the Chief: Episode 6 – “Brawl,” and was posted on Machinima, a YouTube channel based on content from (a gaming and entertainment site). The video, which is already past a half million views, and destined for the viral charts, was created by DigitalPh33r, and there’s a whole thread of discussion around his post.

Mind you, you’ve got to be in the mood for this. But if you are, it can be the most enjoying online-video experience you’ve had in a while. Honestly, I can’t stop making the sound, SOISOISOI and LOLOLOLLL.

In fact, this video inspired me to create my clone video (when he surfaces from the mud, he is impersonating these sounds, a reference lost only on everyone except me).

There is something absolutely addictive about this video, and you’ll find it impossible to escape some of the quotes. I saw it Saturday night for the first time, and have watched it many more times. The timing. The dialogue. The Internet slang. Even some touching moments then surprise parody. I know nothing about new video games or Halo, but I still had deep appreciation for this puppy.

Here’s the “Arby ‘N the Chief” series URL. An edited-down version of this video would find a secure place on Saturday Night Live. It’s just brilliant. Based on this Q&A the creator sounds a bit “socially challenged,” but that might have helped spawn the humor. The funniest people I know are not the most stable, zen humans.


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  1. Well, that’s 8 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

    Sorry, always wanted to say that. What does “SOI” mean? I did like the LOL sound.

  2. Quite like Daxflame, and Renetto, Digitalph33r doesn’t like me for some reason. I sent him a friend request a while back, when people started caring about him a little bit, and he sent me a message saying “You aren’t a serious youtube user, like me, and you are wasting my time with this friend request. I only approve serious video makers to my friends list.” he then proceeded to block me. From then on, I haven’t used the phrase LOLOLOLOL since.

  3. “You aren’t a serious youtube user, like me…” ? What hubris! Seems to particularly infect the gamers. Gamer Hubris. Masturbatory Gamer Hubris (Beavis and Butthead-itus). Treatable only by mommy and daddy refusing to pay the game rentals.

  4. WTF? u guys r all liek… “I hat3 DigitalPh33r.He sukks lot2 of BIG ba11s!!!one!!//” I r leiking him, he r soooo cool. SOI SOI SOI, dat was genius!

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