I’m Packing It In. I’ve Been Outclassed.

Well after two years of trying to evangelize amateur video, it would appear that Fred and Sharon have done more in this two-minute video titled “Who Needs a Movie.” They inspire, generate ideas, and provide passion that I’ve lacked.

As film maker Dawn Westlake said, “OMG! I’m packin’ it in. How can anyone who’s legit OR viral compete with this? The PERFECT “video movie.”

So I actually visited Fred and Sharon’s website and was shocked to find there was a $1 admission price to most of their content. Out of sheer curiosity, I paid. Naturally, I found a series of low-budget YouTube videos including this classy dog animation. Or the high-end corporate film for Fred’s Bread and Jam Bakery.

I think we have cult heroes here.  Fred and Sharon- if you’re out there… let’s collab.

8 Replies to “I’m Packing It In. I’ve Been Outclassed.”

  1. Actually, with the current value of the dollar vs. the Loonie, I’m paying like $1.14 American to watch their videos. Too rich for my blood. However, I did subscribe to their YouTube channel…

  2. As someone commented on youtube:

    “Fred & Sharon are the new Viral Marketing stars. It does not matter if they
    know what they have in their hands but the fact remains only few can reach
    500,000 viewers in short months.
    Go to ALEXA dot COM input their website and see the vertical ramping of
    their traffic.
    If they get 1$ per every 100-200 visitors they could be making $5,000 very
    If F&S want to make it big the should produce an OGOPOGO documentary in the
    same style.
    If a news TV station picks this story F&S will be a hit.”

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