20 Replies to “How to Make Your Sister Go Blind (Without Hurting Her)”

  1. marquis,do ya know how i can make my sister “un” retarded? hey,retarded sounds kinda like “who farted”….o geez now im retarded! BTW,how many feet of rain did ya get so far today in marshall? Im up to about 1 1/2 feet so far in north texas!

  2. I only know how to en-tard sisters, Steve, not how to un-tard. All the rain today has been a blessing. Now I don’t have to drive to Caddo Lake. I can fish off my front porch.

  3. I have four brothers. I hate them. Okay hate is a strong word. I dislike them. Most of them. And yet I feel grateful for them after watching marquis’ video.

  4. I made my first 50 videos with no webcam or videocamera, j, only a photo scanner and Photoshop. Then I got a cheap digital still camera and made 50 more that way. Made the first 10 on a laptop plugged into the cigarette lighter of the Buick Electra I was living in (plugged in a three-way inverter for the scanner in the passenger seat. Then I moved up to RV living and cranked out videos with my 3 megapixel digital still camera, but I didn’t start seriously cranking out the vids until I moved into the homeless shelter.

    Let nothing stop you from doing what you want.

  5. omg it;s Jo’s birthday tomorrow I forgot to tell you what to get her in case you forgot to get her something we were all supposed to tell you to get her! I’m never going to make a Nalts A-lister at this rate!

    is it possible to fail twice in one day?

  6. If my only viewers were the people commenting on this blog, I’d have just as much fun. I love seeing your names on comments here and YouTube. One day I’d love to have a mini gathering of the sukatras, marquis, jischingers, and the like.

  7. What about me, Nalts? Why do you always forget me? I am sooooo hurt.

    PS-Say Happy Birthday to Jo for me!

  8. Marilyn – the only reason nalts mentions my name is that he’s afraid of me, like everybody else on this blog. And I don’t know why they are, because I always say the sweetest things and I’ve got sunshine streaming out of my ass.

  9. She locks Hansel in a cage, and makes Gretel her servant. While she prepares to cook Hansel, she orders Gretel to fetch her candies and fats to force feed Hansel. Unable to do anything, Gretel weeps bitterly and does as she is told.

  10. jischinger: Ok, I clicked on your name and now I get it. LOL. Like I said, I am always the last to catch on.

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