Experimenting With Large Uploads on YouTube: Bubble Gum Tree Show

Here’s today’s Bubble Gum Treee Show (featuring Charles Trippy) as it appears after I uploaded an 800 MB exported version from iMovie using all of the fancy specifications he recommends. And here’s another version that was about 20 MB. Sorry I just can’t seem to see a radical difference. Can you?

Now let’s try adding the “secret” code:

  1. Big version with the HD code.
  2. Little version with the HD code.

Anyone? Here are jpegs of the same video when I toggle between high resolution and low.

Low resolution high rez

11 Replies to “Experimenting With Large Uploads on YouTube: Bubble Gum Tree Show”

  1. What on earth are you using to make those screen caps? They both look terrible!

    If your Mac screen grab program isn’t working too well, maybe you should use Jing.

    What did you use to make those?

  2. You can’t really use a .jpg to capture the difference. The Mr Safety video does a good job of demonstrating how much better it is, but if you can’t see the dif then you need a new video card which probably means a new motherboard and maybe a better monitor. MEM VC MEM VC MEM VC. Using a really good camera helps too.

  3. I actually used Snapz video capture, then grabbed the screen image of iMovie. I’ll try Marquis’ video now. MrSafety’s did show a difference.

  4. I viewed several videos the other day using the “secret” code after I saw Mr. Safety’s video (although I don’t know why I still subscribe to him as I find him really annoying). I did see a significant difference in some, not so much in others. Not sure if it’s really worth the trouble since the sound quality seemed to be worse when the picture quality was better.

  5. The Big version with the HD code is clearer to me…and I’m a picky person. Although the sound mismatch is extremely annoying.

  6. you realize a mac os x (tiger and leopard) has a screen capture built in…

    Apple + Shift + 3 = grabs the whole screen

    Apple + Shift + 4 = allows you to grab a section (give you a crosshair to select)


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