What Does Google’s Acquisition of DoubleClick Mean to Online Video?

Google closed on the acquisition of DoubleClick today, and issued this statement to address concerns (continued Dart service, as well as privacy provisions).

As a buyer of interactive media (primarily paid search but also targeted display), I like this deal. Google’s muscle, innovation and discipline from the paid search origins means this could enhance the metrics around otherwise cute but unaccountable display ads. I’m tired of the “let’s do another bloated consumer survey to find out what display does to awareness, recall and intent.” There’s got to be a way to get conversion rates tied better to display, and if anyone can now prove the “one-two-punch” theory of paid ‘n display (think chocolate and peanut butter yummy), Google now can. And should.

marketing text booksOh, I almost forgot. Here’s my “Enlightened Stupid Marketers” video I posted this morning to spoof my profession, and it touches on the impact of friggin’ newspaper ads versus paid search.  Did you know that stupid marketers have two choices: to remain stupid, or pretend not to be? The core YouTube audience really doesn’t care much for these niche videos, but readers of WVFF might.

Where was I? Oh. Now here’s the challenge. This deal kinda makes some online media buyers a little twitchy, as some get threatened by consolidation downstream. Some of those flickering-bulb types (you know- the pretty ones that talk too much if they talk at all) will feel they’re one step closer to being as obsolete as their moms or older sisters who were, naturally, travel agents. Maybe they should be doing PR afterall?

candy cornIn reality, the online media mix is dynamic and will always require smart, strategic buyers. It’s just that they’re only about 10 of them in the world, and 7 of them lose their charm exactly 6.5 days after they win the new account. Like Candycorn, the first few handfuls are delicious, and then suddenly you feel like you’re eating sweetened candles and can’t stand the site of them. You loved the little puppies in the litter, and now they’re just pissing on the furniture, biting the couch and barking all night.

So get to the damned point, Nalts. What does this acquisition mean to video? Well, probably nothing initially. But long term it’s good news for two reasons:

  1. Text ads are currently more relevant than display ads around videos. Since Revver hasn’t been selling many single-frame display ads these days, we’re seeing the Google-run text ads (Adsense) served “InVid” style. Guess what? They’re actually relevant and capture my attention more than current display ads. I watch a lot of videos, and have developed ad anethesia for the limited number of CPG companies doing “run of site” ads across YouTube. Don’t stop, guys. I owe my YouTube partner income to you.
  2. Since it’s Google buying Doubleclick (and not the other way around), we’ll see display develop some of the maturity of paid search. Harnass the visceral medium of InVid (quarter frame ads) with their sister display ads, then add the relevance of text relevancy. And if the databases can be merged in ways that don’t freak out the privacy people, then ads become even more relevant albiet sometimes creepy.

Now Google has two more challenges to make video advertising really interesting.

  1. The Google account teams have to grow beyond paid search. This is not an easy transition. SEM (search engine marketing) buyers have a very hard time with CPM (cost per million- a term for buying for an ad based on impressions not performance). Meanwhile SEM sellers need to be trained to talk to CPM junkies. It’s kinda like being bilingual. You need a translator around for a period. Currently, it’s a buyer’s market for video advertising. I am convinced that the “marketers are afraid of buying ads around CGM (consumer generated media)” hype is a big, fat, stinkin’ red herring. It’s just that nobody is showing marketers how online video ads and more creative sponsorships can move their business. Google plus YouTube plus DART should be able to pull that off, but it’s going to require behavior and organizational shift.
  2. Now the big challenge. If I get a CPC (cost per click) based on text ads around my videos, then I’ll tag them all with free Viagra, mortgage, loans, lawers and digital camera.  So we need that ever-evasive “text recognition” technology that turns my droaning voice into targetable text. Blinkx was supposed to be doing this years ago. Then, of course, I’ll just start saying all those tag words as part of my scripts. 🙂

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  1. I sent you a link to an article that I thought you might find interesting. Since you never read your gmail, thought I’d mention it here.

    Did you know that someone else hijacked your vid and posted it as their own? Unless it’s another one of your many accounts. Check it out:


  2. “Some of those flickering-bulb types (you know- the pretty ones that talk too much if they talk at all) will feel they’re one step closer to being as obsolete as their moms or older sisters who were, naturally, travel agents.”

    I stopped reading after that sentence. The bulb in my head was flickering too much.

  3. Kevin start selling Geritol and Lucky Strikes in your videos.

    I don’t understand marketing and because I don’t get it I hate you guys (not you personally). I’m a muter and any chance I get I will do my best to block, skip, strip or kill an ad. <– browser plug-in million dollar idea right there.

    Now if the creator endorse something or post a link at the end of their video I’ll consider the recommendation providing they endorse or use the product themselves.

    As sophisticated as doubleclick or any SPAM advertising outfit gets to push their product I am going to be just as sophisticated in my annoyance.

    Face it marketers the public want to be entertained and if you don’t try to find a way to entertain us or tells us why your product is worth considering more and more of us are just going to ignore your attempts to buy what you are selling. You are the new white noise and your flashing, jiggling and shaking into my psyche is only stressing me out which makes me less productive and in turn provides me with less income to buy your products.

    Look, just pay the creator to sell your stuff, it’s that simple. Stop trying to trick and dumb us all down. Makes us smarter not more stupid.

  4. If tiny display ads do not work in relevant placements than why do pharma companies give up pens with their logos? The issue of the one size fits all attitude of most online buying today; the reality is that this medium sucks just as bad as TV if its not done well and for the right reasons…also USAIR sent you a letter today asking you to cease and desist your twitter comment that’s over 30 days old.

  5. Well I disagree that this medium sucks just as bad as TV. This medium is much much worse. Millions of people with no talent whatsoever think turning on the webcam and b*tching about their boredom or talking about what videos they saw and disliked is entertaining.

    It’s not.

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