Seven Awesome Kids Launches

seven awesome kidsHere’s a new YouTube channel called , where the Nalts kids join 6 other families for a rotating blog (in the tradition of FiveAwesomeGirls and FiveAwesomeGuys (fiveawesomekids was taken, and we had more families that wanted to participate).

This is the debut video, which features:

8 Replies to “Seven Awesome Kids Launches”

  1. Marilyn, thanks – he is an awesome kid. Kevin, I’ll tell Hank Nalts said he was awesome, and he’ll say “who’s Nalts?”

    Not really. He knows who you are, but he unsubscribed after weinergate.

  2. What!? My nephews aren’t cool enough to be invited? That’s it… my nephews are teaming up with Hank and they are gonna take you down!

    I am sensing a lot of non-breeder discrimination on YT.

  3. Nalts: I almost forgot about Raskelltube; they need to be in there as well.

    Sukatra: Why will you not tell Hank that Marilyn thinks he’s awesome? I guess Nalts is more important even though I was the one that first brought up the subject. I guess I know where I rate.

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