AngelCheeks Foundation Auction

suzibluepeace.jpgThe AngelCheeks Foundation was created by Brian Nessel, an active YouTuber. He and his wife Abby lost their son Evan one year ago. Brian assembled a wonderful educational video to launch the program, which helps parents cover costs of funerals and counseling when they face the tragic loss of a young child. This is a great example of the YouTube community’s strength, and the power of video to generate interest in a charity.

sandfrog.jpgHere’s a resulting video about an auction MuggleSam is holding to raise funds for AngelCheeks. A few of my kids’ drawings are in the mix. The portraits are on eBay, but they’re bundled together. So if you really want my lame cartoon, you’ll unfortunately have to buy ZackScott‘s horny toad (kidding).

It may be worth bidding, just for this lovely drawing of a princess by suziblutube. And it’s certainly a noteworthy cause, driven by the unwavering human desire to turn loss into love.

Author: Nalts

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10 thoughts on “AngelCheeks Foundation Auction”

  1. I think this is a really good idea, and I really like it, but what the heck is with youtube, and ebay lately? Peperlilies, Mr. Safety, and now this, all in two days? I should auction off a signed studded belt, just to get back in the loop.

  2. Sorry for the emotional outburst. I feel better now that Hank is home from school, which is kinda weird, because as you know, I’m always trying to pawn him off on someone else.

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