Giant Painting of Nalts on eBay

paperlilies paints portrait of naltsStop the bidding. I mean it. Stop it. I want this painting, and you’re just going to toss me deeper in debt if you keep bidding.

Paperlilies, the YouTube artist that did the fantastic parody of Jamie Lynn Spears, is auctioning off this giant glow-in-the-dark portrait of me (Nalts) on eBay. I love it, and this “behind the scenes” music video shows all the care she put into it (the song is by the “Kick Me’s“).

If I bought it for my wife (wifeofnalts) for her March 19 birthday, does that count as a present? Or is that like getting her a bowling ball with my initials on it?

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  1. Nalts, is promoting the fact that the auction is occuring now a good thing if YOU want to win it? hehe.
    I bet you are flattered and I hope you do get it. Of course I don’t personally know you OR your wife but I think she might find it endearing — it’s a great painting.

  2. Your wife’s love for you notwithstanding (and I saw the love at the NYC 777 event), if she wanted a glow in the dark version of you, there are…uh… cheaper ways to achieve that, don’t you think?

    Wait – if you buy it using the money you’ve earned on YouTube (assuming you have earned at least 117 pounds), it means you have come full circle, right? Without online media you wouldn’t be famous, if you weren’t famous, your portrait wouldn’t be for sale on eBay (or you’d have to find alternative ways of gaining fame…)

  3. Here should be your plan:

    1. Buy it for her and wrap it up real nice in wrapping paper so she thinks she’s getting a really cool piece of art she can hang on the wall in that spot where she’s always thinking “damn, if Kevin would only stop spending money on stupid computer shit I could buy a painting and put it in that spot.”

    2. Have the camera rolling when she opens it and then hits you over the head with it.

  4. I am fairly certain that Paperlilies doesn’t like me at all for a host of reasons I would not like to discuss, so sadly, I don’t see a Reubnick painting happening any time soon in the future. You are a lucky man, nalts.

  5. As fond as I am of the giant Nalts face that has stared at me in the dark for weeks on end, it’s time for it to go… it shall be missed!

  6. An art student at St. Mary’s University painted a 4-foot by 3-foot Cubist-style picture of me once. It kind of creeped me out. I left it in an abandoned warehouse in San Antonio when I moved to L.A. Hopefully, it’s creeping out someone else now. Or maybe it was used to repair a roof.

  7. wow! £252.99 UK = $507.78 USD

    Not that the money is the important factor here, but still not to shabby for your very blue face.

    Maybe the buyer will print holy cards?
    Nalt’s the Patron Saint of Viral Video.
    Anyone wish to write the prayer?

    am I going to hell now?

  8. Our Father,
    Who art online,
    Hallowed be Thy DSL connection,
    Lead us not into Stickam,
    And deliver us from boring vloggers, MySpace spam
    And the Valley of The Trolls.

  9. I know this is late and someone else probably got the painting, but I would have paid good money to see the look on WifeofNalts’ face when Kevin gave it to her.

    Kevin you should borrow it and do it anyway, I’ll click on all your ads if you do!

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