Exposed: Big Media’s Bias Against Online Video

nalts interview mediaI was interviewed Friday by a major U.S. television network on the subject of online video, and caught some footage of the reporter’s loaded questions and biased reporting. You’ll hear how he tries to shape the discussion to confirm his own belief that online video is crap, and that big media will continue its reign. See it on YouTube, where it’s titled “Big Media Lies!

The footage was shot documentary style, so the reporter is off camera and I’m against a green screen. Be sure to watch the “debrief” video before you render judgment but after watching the first one.

P.S. Leave the shoes alone, Sukatra.

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  1. LOL, those shoes must be new! They were shiney and distracting! I’m surprised you didn’t shovel the snow with those puppies!

    *I saw Sukatra’s comment too! :o)

  2. Here’s a comment that I got on my most recent video which seems to belie your reporter’s contention:

    “You make important videos. This is one of many.”

    (It’s true. I do.)

  3. Well done! Really professional! But after falling for your previous pranks, I don’t trust you any more, Brian. You could come out with a video about the world being round and I would start driving slower, looking around cautiously for earth’s flat edge.

  4. At first I thought that kid belonged to Spenser, then I realized Spenser isn’t old enough to have a kid. I think Davecoyle1 is going to show up at Kevin’s door one day and yell, PaPa!

    Kevin something happen in college you forgot to mention?

  5. Kidding aside, this actually happened to me recently. All TV journalists have an inherent bias to defend their business model. It’s just self-preservation.

  6. Even your shoes are not safe from the biting wit of sukatra. Well, maybe not the wit, but certainly the biting.

  7. I don’t think anything could bite through those snowplower shoes, sukatra. I wonder if they go “Beep beep” when he backs up? Maybe he should put those construction site flashing lights on those puppies.

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