Politics and Viral: McCain and Obama Music Video Parodies

yes we can no we can’t mccain obama music video parodyThis is the year where viral video will, no doubt, shape the election. And while this blog cannot possibly keep up on the political satire that’s overtaking YouTube, this one felt worth a mention.

Barack Obama’s speech inspired this music video featuring Black Eyed Peas. It’s called “Yes We Can.”

That spawned Election08 (comedians in LA) to produce a music video called “John He Is.” And here’s another parody by BarelyPolitical called “John McCain: No You Can’t.”

Candidly, I’m laughing more at the amazingly simple video by BarelyPolitical that features John McCain prank calling Hillary Clinton with a burp and a fart. Now that’s political humor for the common denominator.

5 Replies to “Politics and Viral: McCain and Obama Music Video Parodies”

  1. I haven’t even read this article yet, and probably won’t. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Does that burst your little blogger bubble?

    What the fuck was that?? Sorry, must have been the steroids.

    On another note, why is your latest video (unsub nalts) marked private? I need my nalts fix, man, I need my nalts fix. I need it!!!!!! Either mark it public or get it the f*ck off the Tube!

    Love and kisses, sukatra

  2. Okay, I thank you for making the unsub nalts video public, but now you’ve taken it completely down, which is a travesty, because it had one of the absolute funniest comments I’ve ever seen on youtube on it – and it wasn’t written by me. It was by the guy who wanted to turn you into winekone. I don’t remember his username, but man, that comment kicked MAJOR ass.

    You’ve deprived him of his glory. You cruel, cruel man.

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