Top YouTube Creator Spinning Off New Video-Community Site (working title

Renetto’s new YouTube siteOne of the most popular YouTube creators, “Renetto,” has been discussing a revolution, and aspirations to create a new website for unmet online-video community. The new site, a homage to Paul Robinette’s self absorption, is aptly titled “RenettoTube.” I announced the new site in this video from last weekend (see launch video). Oh- and I created the fake site as a joke that was lost on many.

Renetto recently created a video where he’s reacting to the more than 180 comments appearing on RenettoTube. For the record, my only fake entry was from MrSafety.

So it’s a joke, but based on reality. If Renetto does get a bunch of creators to participate in an online video site “by the people and for the people,” what are the opportunities and risks? I’d like to hear from you, dear reader. I’ll start the process, though…


  • Smaller entity can better meet needs of the smaller subset of YouTube that is primarily participating because of the joy of community.
  • If he attracts a lot of big creators, it will be hard to ignore.
  • The new site could, in theory, keep lean and more focused.


  • It’s very hard to monetize user-generated content. Renetto will need strong partnerships with online-media buyers, who are still struggling to get their clients to post ads around what they perceive as a risky collection of content.
  • Will viewers migrate? It’s a big challenge to get YouTubers to another site. We saw the mess of LiveVideo’s attempt to develop a YouTube clone, and maybe a little more reluctant to migrate.
  • The battle against YouTube (with air cover from Google) is not trivial. Renetto and his companions will need to differentiate, focus and outsmart the 100 pound gorilla.

Renetto, many know, is an entrepreneur and inventor with good relationships with other creators. So it’s worth watching closely. Stay tuned as more news develops.

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  1. You summed it up pretty well Kev. I’m still not sure if Renetto is on the level though. If he is going to swipe the big time paid youtube “creators” he’s going to need as much $ as youtube pays him for each one he gets. IOW, he’ll need a lot of cash.

  2. If Revver can’t do it, Renetto can’t do it. Youtube can’t even do it (create an economically viable social networking site). Besides, it’s all a subscription drive within a prank about a prank to drive subscriptions with a subterfuge, isn’t it?

  3. I don’t even watch the tool. Why would I migrate over there? If they paid tons of money, maybe, but I can’t even make partner on youtube, so how could I possibly get in on whatever cash creators would be getting?

    That guy’s ego is bigger than his wiener, which doesn’t bode well for his wife.

  4. What are you blind? LiveVideo rocks you do not know what you are talking about! No one has been able to pull this video community stuff off as well as LiveVideo has. Give credit where credit is deserved!

  5. The key word there is “differentiate,” and by basing his new site on himself, Renetto is already partway there. That’s distinctive branding that no one can copy. Renetto’s focus also means more control over content, which will appeal to advertisers afraid of the user-generated free-for-all. The only question is whether Renetto is enough of a celebrity to draw the traffic. He’s not exactly Oprah or even Dr. Phil.

    As other celebrities and brands establish their own video sites, and as video search improves, this will threaten the very existence of the general broad-based sites like YouTube. Keep in mind that in about two or three years, video will be as commonplace online as photography, and television should be fully interactive. Only the sites with a distinctive identity and target market will survive.

    The YouTube clones like Metacafe and LiveVideo will be the first to go: they claim better technology, blah blah blah, but their content is generally the same as YouTube’s — there’s only less of it, so why bother?

    The future of online video will feature fewer all-in-one “department stores” and more specialized “boutiques.” We saw this happen on TV, with the specialized cable channels taking their toll on the generic networks. We see this happening now to Yahoo!, as specialized sites like Engadget and iVillage lure traffic away.

    YouTube is booming right now, but it won’t be long before it will need to change its model to survive. On the Web, size is no assurance of continued success — just ask AOL.

  6. LOL! 100 pound gorilla…

    I thought this was really funny, and what lengths you will go to for a laugh. I opened a LiveVideo account, but haven’t been bothered to post any of my videos over there as I’m currently quite happy with YT. There are only so many sites I have time to maintain.

    Very funny watching your son and his antics, a chip off the old block there Kevin.

  7. Nay sayer here. I don’t know what he has planned, but I don’t see him pulling off what many seem to be speculating. The big thing You Tube inherited when Google picked them up were plenty of lawyers. The copyright head aches alone would sink him, less he’s planing on moving something off shore or somewhere in the Netherlands. That’s not including the full time job it is to keep such a platform up, running and protected. These guys coming out of IT You Name It want the big bucks. Outside of his own little specialty money maker type deal he’s better off sticking to what he knows and does best, You Tube. That is if this was even real to begin with.

    What’s Live Video? Never heard of it.

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