A Nurse, Marketer and Homeless Guy Break Dance

picture-12.pngOnline video collaborations are probably my favorite part of online video. Probably the first online-video creator with whom I developed a parasocial relation was the affable homeless guy from Texas known as Marquisdejolie. He has a blog. Google it (anyone catch that reference?).

Via JibJab, here’s him break dancing with me, and songwriter-nurse-YouTuber, ChristopherMast.

Before online video, it’s unlikely that we’d have ever met, much less appear break dancing together. And you might argue that would have been a good thing, but I beg to differ.

8 Replies to “A Nurse, Marketer and Homeless Guy Break Dance”

  1. I just watched the “candidates” version of this on MdJ’s YT channel… You guys are WAY more talented — at break dancing, and, I’m also betting, politics.

    Not to sound all sappy, but the collaboration point you’re making is, in fact, pretty inspiring… There ain’t nothin’ like hooking up with talented people who drive you to do better work…

  2. Thanks, Yuma. I’m still working on OUR collab.

    When I was cobbling this goofy thing together, I chose the two people who have most influenced my video editing ‘career:’ Nalts, for all the service he provides to the community in this blog and Christopher Mast for featuring my Leaving Shelter video at Youtube when he was guest editor. Couldn’t have two nicer dance partners.

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