The Poor Man’s Guide to Electronic Toys

picture-7.pngWow- in searching for a SATA-to-firewire external drive converter thingy, I stumbled into what’s going to be one of my favorite new blogs. Our debt level has pretty much maxed out, but my appetite for toys remains insatiable. Now I’ve found a great source for discount electronics, and clever “work arounds,” and it’s called The Cheapskate by Rick Broida (CNET).

2 Replies to “The Poor Man’s Guide to Electronic Toys”

  1. whoa Kevin, what a great find! The printer deals he finds are cheaper than replacing one HP B&W cartridge. Anyone want to buy a couple of DELL Gift Cards? mm

  2. Nalts, BIG THANKS for this. I am a tight-Budgeted M-F these days. A gallery i have helped run is most likely closing in a couple months (starting my 8th year there). My income tax refund will go towards some of this. I am a newbie to video posting/equipment, i really appreciate your advice. Warmest regards to a sexy,funny,neat guy.

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