Converting PC Videos to Mac

Visual HubMy favorite new software for converting avi and mov files to Quicktime or Mp4s for iMovie is called Visual Hub.

I have paid to download countless Quicktime pro and WMV converters, and most of them frustrate me endlessly. Visual Hub is easy (drag and drop) and hasn’t failed me yet. It also has a free trial without annoying watermarks or frequency limitations (although it does limit duration to under 2 minutes).

Most importantly, when it’s done its work, it boasts a lovely “ding” that sounds like a toaster. I sometimes salivate when I hear that ding.

Author: Nalts

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8 thoughts on “Converting PC Videos to Mac”

  1. Thanks, Nalts. After a lot of trial with different converters, I just gave up with WMV and decided, “If you make your video in WMV format, I just won’t watch it.” Maybe this’ll solve my problem

  2. I’m not “in the business,” as you know, but I was delighted to see that you are upgrading your fee structure to something that more fairly compensates you for your time. I really enjoy your discussions of the business aspects, as well as watching your videos themselves. In ten years, you won’t remember who I am, but I’ll remember you! “I knew him when.”

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