Buy “Best of Nalts” Video Shorts on High Definition DVD

Best of Nalts DVD SleevePer my post in December, I finally received and approved my proof of the “Best of Nalts: Volume 1” DVD. So now you can buy 71 minutes of Nalts videos (with 29 videos) on by clicking here.

I have nearly “comedic” 600 videos online for free, but I think these are the best ones (although a few of you pointed out a few that need to be high on the list for volume two). I avoided videos that were too YouTube centric like Renetto shaving my head, or other inside jokes. So most of these are family-friendly and don’t require any context to appreciate.

So buy your copy now for the low, low price of $19.94. Yey. My kids and their friends just gathered around to watch the proof DVD tonight, and it’s frightening how clear the quality is since most of them are high definition… especially when you’re used to seeing them in horribly compressed format on YouTube. You can actually read little things in the background, so I’m sure I’ve inadvertently left a credit card number visible. But unless I sell about 30,000 of these DVDs (and something tells me I’m lucky if I sell 50), those credit card numbers won’t be much worth to you.

To see the full list of videos, click “more” below. To see the sleeve in higher resolution, click the image on the right.

Click here to buy one for $19.94. Click here to watch ’em for free in low resolution and with annoying ads. 🙂

P.S. I priced mine exactly one penny below HappySlip‘s, and I make big $6.02 per copy sold.

Farting in Public
Airport Crawling
Computer Falls
Cash to Buzz
Drunk Interviews
America’s Bloopers
Fast Food Outsourcing
Candy Swiper
Google Head
Google Earth
GPS with PMS
Mall Pranks
Killer Weed
Gum Tree
Coffee Baby
Banana Man
Garage Sale
Kids Steal Van
Lay Me Off
Mad Turkey
Viral Video Genius
Chicken Prank
Stupid Computer
HappySlip’s Pad

19 Replies to “Buy “Best of Nalts” Video Shorts on High Definition DVD”

  1. Hey bud…you have two different prices showing. Might want to edit this again.

    Please, PLEASE don’t take this the wrong way…I have a feeling that you won’t, but my favorite vids of yours are always your least popular ones with a few exceptions.

    Good luck with the sales my friend!

    You can delete this comment once you edit it! :o)

  2. LOL, nevermind…you changed it all together.

    Hope you sell millions so you can quit your day job and then be able to answer EVERY single gmail email you receive! LOL, you sure you want this to be full-time?


  3. I just ordered mine. After we watch it I think I’m going to send it to Penny at UCSD. She’ll be so proud!

  4. OMG you readers have HAWK eyes. Yeah- it’s funny how someone’s favorite can be someone’s worse. Like I didn’t really care much for my last few, but some liked ’em. And who would have thought a goofy mac spoof (which took 20 minutes to make) would be 200K views while BubbleGum Tree Show (about 4-5 hours) would have 3K views.

  5. Wow! First sale to Damon! He was in charge of our student events organizations at Georgetown, and was the first person I knew who had an e-mail address on his business card. I made fun of him.

  6. Why would I buy the cow when I can get the milk for free? My mother used to say that to me all the time. I don’t really know what she meant because we never had a cow. Plus I was was too busy screwing the football team to listen to her much.

    I might buy it. After all, I bought a nalts hat that I never wear.

  7. OOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo…I MUST jump on this one!!!!
    My son will love this, too. His favorite videos aren’t on this DVD…but that’s ok. He enjoys watching your videos. hehe
    He bugs me to watch you and Patch eating leaves, and the snapping turtle video. LOL I think those videos were from this past fall/autumn….whatever.

  8. Do you have a large enough run that these are being 3rd party shipped, or are they coming from your garage? If they’re out of your garage, I want an autographed and personalized to me copy! Give me the lowdown…

  9. Sorry UK shipping is so high! Yeah- these are done by a third party. Thank goodness I didn’t order a batch of them for my garage, as I’ve sold about 4 so far!

  10. I smeared margarine all over my car this morning. It was sheer impulse. I have no explanation. I started with the hood. I used Parkay, the low fat variety. Once the tub was empty, I knew that something special was happening. I had to finish what I’d started, and little did I know that what was happening was a work of pure genius that would make me an overnight sensation.
    It took me three hours to complete the whole thing. I was proud of myself. Damned proud! So I did what anyone would do. I took it out for a drive.
    Nobody could have possibly foreseen the migrating flock of seagulls, flying low, too low for comfort. One by one they careened off the windshield, feathers flying everywhere, like little kamikazes in the sky.
    I really should finish this.

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