The Thrill of Fake YouTube Battles: What The Buck vs. Nalts

whatthenaltsprofilepic.jpgI learned some time ago that online video viewers aren’t the most discerning bunch. When Charles Trippy and I created a fake feud, many viewers fell “hook, line and sinker” for the drama (in which we pretended to give out each other’s cell phone numbers, which were actually numbers to the “rejection hotline.”) Here’s my video and here’s his, and the responses and comments will show how vigilant the “fans” of one YouTuber get to protect the honor of their weblebrity (here’s one example). We thought people would be more skeptical, and eventually I had to to this satire spoofing his overzealous fans. Trippy also came clean, and he’s since updated his video title to reveal the joke.

whatthenaltsbannersmall.jpgHistory repeats itself this week. Recently I decided to claim that I’m the writer behind the popular What The Buck Show. It began with some banners, and I’d like to thank Gage Skidmore (the creator of the Nalts logo) for his recent banner collection displayed here (He’s also created a delightful Nalts cartoon you can see by selecting “more below,” although I look a bit doughy if I’m keeping it real).

what the buck michael buckleyYesterday evening my e-mail starting filling with hate mail. It seems Michael Buckley, one of the most popular YouTubers, posted a dramatic video on his Peron75 channel that chastises me for lying. It’s rather convincing, and Michael has a knack for Tammy Fay-like tears. I must confess there was part of me that thought he was serious. His fans not only believed he was upset by me, but many sent horrid comments, videos and e-mail that urge me to die.

Nothing I haven’t seen before. It’s the price of being one of YouTube’s most annoying creators ™. Nonetheless, here’s my spoof response, where I take fake claim to scripting his fake video attack. We’ll see if Michael is compelled to “clear the air” in his What The Buck blog, but frankly I prefer the confusion. Who wouldn’t rather be despised than forgotten?

So what have we learned here? Don’t believe it when YouTubers pretend to feud. It’s all part of promotional drama, and clearly another example of how far some YouTubers will go to hitch their star to my wagon.

wtb-nalts-banner.jpgCartoon of Nalts. Thanks, Gage!

nalts cartoon

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  1. This whole “is it real?” feud has led to a very Andy-Kaufman-esque past few days on the ol’ Tube… I’ve been enjoying it. Sure beats “Otters Holding Hands” and “Skateboarding Bulldog.”

  2. Well, thanks, for clearing that up. Personally, it crossed the line for me. I don’t need fake drama, I have enough real drama. I’ve enjoyed the work of both you and Buckley but I can’t help but feel like I’m being played for a sucker by someone. Can’t figure out who it is… so like a Mom who doesn’t know which of the kids is causing the fight, they both get punished. So, PLAY NICE or go in time out.

  3. hey, wat is the # to the rejection hotline? ive been wanting to call it 4ever to see wat it says, but i dont know anyone with the #. wat is it? ps. luv the drama! i cant belive people thought that buck was for real on his vid tho…u could tell he was trying not to laugh on some parts and u could tell the tears were so fake. LOL tho!! good job u 2!

  4. here’s how it really went.
    Nalts thinking that he is being HILARIOUS , decides to make fun of michael by behaving like a jerk, michael then sees it and is very hurt by this but pretends that he isn’t really , then this twat starts backtracking and saying iot was all a joke .
    i’m calling bullshit on this.

  5. I can’t help but find this drama crap amusing. I knew it was a joke from the beginning…how is it that Michaels subs can’t see he’s joking? You can see he was trying to hold back from smiling…it’s amusing.

    Also, some people are still fired up over the moomay drama (which occured right before Christmas) and it’s identical to this situation. She cried (putting on an act) over a video response from thelonewebcrusader (also an act) where he was flaming her about the death of her cat. Moomay’s subs (including myself) thought this was real and went on the attack. I’ve learned from past dramas to NOT comment and get sucked in, so I didn’t comment…however, I flagged a couple of TLWC videos. LMAO He was flaming her and her subs in the worst way…who knew it was an act? A joke gone really bad…Moomay pulled her video because it got really intense.

    The difference in the Moomay/TLWC situation? TLWC posted 30+ videos responding to Moomay’s friends and subs…flaming them, shaming them, causing a major stir and than dropped the ball by claiming it was all a joke and Moomay was in on the joke. Moomay never responded to her friends and subs….not even explaining it was a joke. It was done in poor taste…really!

  6. i aggree on the buck thing. he is terrible at acting like hes serious…at least in this case. lol. i cant belive how many people get sucked into this crap…but its very amusing to those of us who are smarter than to think its real.

  7. So you’re an attention whore who enjoys pissing people off just for fun? What a sad pathetic life you must lead.

  8. I love it! I think it’s awesome. The fact that I watch you both regularly adds to the reason I wasn’t ‘fooled’ if you will. Why is it so entertaining to watch ‘fans’ make asses out of themselves to support one side or the other. It’s actually quite endearing. You should get bored more often because you certainly cause a scene to amuse yourself. πŸ™‚

  9. such interesting experiments you conduct on your own subscribers. the magnificent line between entertainment and exploitation just got that much more blurred.

  10. I just got sent some apology messages from a couple of your former subscribers, who a few months ago were angry with me for saying that you were using your audience.

  11. holy cow, can’t believe some people are getting all bent about this video. What’s wrong with you people? I’d like to say get a life, but not sure you deserve one πŸ˜‰

  12. I would think you would be ashamed to write the What the Buck show at a time when America’s film and television writers are on strike. This makes you nothing better than a scab. Have a little class, man.

  13. I still can’t believe after everything people STILL think this is real. For Petes sake! You would think both Buck and Nalts fans would know better. Well I think it is funny! Looking forward to the next episode of “What the Nalts!” hehe

  14. Oh my goodness it’s a joke!?! Uh er um hey Nalts when you get a package from Godiva chocolate just um throw it away you don’t want to eat it.

    MATH TIME!!!

    (Youtube + Nalts + Drama) x Views = SUBSCRIBERS

    Subscribers = CHA CHING$$$

    Heck I’m sub’d to him 3 times! LOL Nalts is Youtube!

  15. 28 why is anyone on you tube? If you’re not looking for some kind of attention or recognition there, you have to be a moron who posts stupid words and displays minor illogical thinking on other people’s blogs πŸ˜‰

    28 what you’ve actually accomplished here was raising the viewer numbers overall. In fact, your negativity turns into a positive gesture. See, there’s no rating system so that doesn’t help with any of your anger issues and posting hate anonymously only provides a clear indication of your intentions to those who actually bother to read what you write. Which brings me to more bad news…. Sorry to say that you haven’t won anything here other than the Coward’s Award which means there’s no cash, but as a consolation prize you get the good indication that extensive therapy is in your near future. Congrats! And thanks for playing πŸ™‚

    Smarmy can be fun, if it is used for good and not evil!

  16. my new years resolution is to eat more chili cheese fries,and my 2nd resolution is to put more chili & cheese on my chili cheese fries! Happy new year & pass the chili cheese fries please!

  17. I was going to write something to give you freaks a tisk, but 19 said it best.

    Turn off your computers and find some real people/issues to care about!

  18. Lol.
    To the people who are telling others to get a life and stuff.
    It’s what they do, they watch YouTube, they watch vlogs, obviously their going to see these videos and be like “ehm wtf?”.
    That’s the point.
    Views, comments, subscribers etc.
    I’m a big fan of Kevin Nalts and Michael Buckley, but I didn’t even know this page existed until i watched a great sum of Nalt’s videos.
    Obviously you do the same.
    Meaning you watch the videos and comment and look here…
    You need a life too?

    PinkPacman (YouTube Name If You MUST Send Hate Mail ;])
    P.s Do not stoop to saying I have no life.
    Because I already know.
    I also already know I wasted like 3 whole minutes of my life typing this.
    So sh.
    Catch Yeh Later!

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