Brotherhood 2.0: Two Brothers Using Only Videos for One Year

Brotherhood 2.0It’s nearing the end of John and Hank Green’s experiment called Brotherhood 2.0. They’ve used video to communicate each day for the past year… each posting a video on alternative days, and communicating in no other way. And they’ve invited the world to watch…

The two recently helped initiate “Nerdfighter Power: ’07 Project for Awesome” takeover of YouTube. I’m not really sure how to explain it, so I’ll let John. Or maybe Hank should explain it.

I participated in it (to help reduce world suck), but didn’t quite know about this whole Brotherhood 2.0 thing at the time. How? I’m a friggin’ Viral Video Genius, and I am just finding out about this!?

Now I’m infatuated by it, even if they are ghosts of ZeFrank. Check out their FAQ.

4 Replies to “Brotherhood 2.0: Two Brothers Using Only Videos for One Year”

  1. I am going to make a video series and not talk or see my brother for a year. Not to make a series like this… rather just an excuse not to talk to him.

  2. The Office vs The Office – I was intrigued by this as well and though I liked the idea I also thought some of their videos went on a bit too long. It was hard not to see all the zeinuendos, which made it difficult to watch, because I really wanted to cheer for these guys, but nether were able to convey the same charisma. Yes, you scoff and grumble, but I am well aware of the love you all secretly have for zefrank. They certainly have the energy, I hope they can transform their process and find their own unique voice. um, yeah.

  3. Thanks again for taking part Kevin. It was fun. It was so cool seeing the thumb I designed plastered all over youtube. lol

    I hope we can talk them into making occasional appearances in the new year…

  4. Ghosts of Ze Frank:

    Indeed…there’s not doubt that we’re oh-so-ze-like. He had a great formula, and we were happy to use it…though covering different content from a different angle.

    I love that you like it Nalts…you were one of our early inspirations as well, though not as much with the format as with the punishments.

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