Web Junk Alumnus, Patrice Oneal, Puts Out Edgy DVD

 Remember VH1’s Web Junk, which sometimes didn’t suck? Comedian Patrice Oneal, whose “I don’t give a shit” attitude was the most endearing part of the show, is now making online-video shorts with NYC Studio “For Your Imagination.” The DVD includes such favorites as “Cockfights,” “Last White Man Alive, “Dyke Punching” and “Child Labor.” For more see www.patriceoneal.com.

patrice oneil dyke fight“The sheer popularity of the web series, and the fact that his fans have been asking for this format, made this DVD release the next logical step in our partnership with Patrice,” said Paul Kontonis, For Your Imagination’s CEO. “Plus there are other ways for a web series to make money without having to wait for a sponsor to write a check.”

“We’ve all been working very hard on this show and I’m happy to have an outlet for all of the things that VH1 wouldn’t let me say,” said Oneal.

We won’t admit to watching, but we will.

4 Replies to “Web Junk Alumnus, Patrice Oneal, Puts Out Edgy DVD”

  1. The only link was to the “Dyke Punch”. Were you hinting to something by doing that? I am so offended!

    Ok… I was just offended that they didn’t ACTUALLY punch a dyke! I am going to contact Lane’s attorney friend and try to sue!

  2. haha! that was awesome! i watched dyke punching like 30 times. this is the funniest series i’ve ever seen. not only is there also an episode called “female elevator rapist”…but they made a trilogy out of it! i can’t wait until the dvd arrives.

  3. dude, he is the only comic left that pushes the boundaries not as an angle, but because he really sees the funny in it.

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