Revver 3.0 Launches With “Quilty”

revver quiltyTwo years ago I discovered Revver (the pioneer of creator ad-sharing via video), and she’s growing up. Here’s a Revver blog announcing the new Revver, which includes the ability of viewers to finally comment.

Revver has always suffered from low views relative to larger sites, and the new “Quilty” (see Revver homepage) addresses that. It’s an addictive-like series of thumbnails that rotate and provide instant access to quality content. Not sure if this is editorial or viewer populated, but I assume a blend.

The gulf between sites like Revver and the market leader (YouTube) is widening despite the better quality/crap ratio on Revver. And, until recently, Revver was dense with Adsense and “house” advertisements, which makes me worry about its longevity.

But Revver’s model is unique, the technology is innovative and it has a quirky, creator-friendly soul. And a monkey. Don’t underestimate the monkey.

9 Replies to “Revver 3.0 Launches With “Quilty””

  1. Quilty is interesting, but updates a little too fast for me. Guess my eyes get distracted by the thumbnail changing in different areas of the quilt a little too quickly. I focus on that rather than the video stills. Might be my ADD though, who knows?

    What happened to YT’s Gremlin roll your mouse over a bubble and produced 500 more baby video stills feature?

  2. You are obsessed with that monkey because you want to spank it. I do not think it is healthy to be always wanting to spank the monkey.

  3. Will Brandon Hardesty (see link) be there? If he can get 20,000 subscribers for 63 videos on YT, imagine how much I could learn from him about making my Revver videos more popular!

  4. @ charles: I read on revvers blog that they wont be paying users for the extra adsense ads.uh oh,its almost 2 am,time for redeye on foxnews,the best show ever!!

  5. Doesn’t bother me, Steve, if they hold on to the Adcents as long as they keep transfering the ad dollars to my PayPal account every month. I’ve been to their offices. They could use a new coffeemaker. Meanwhile, the $92 they just sent me buys the gas to go be with my grandchildren for Christmas. Merry Christmas all!

  6. Oh great deal MDJ! Nalts got me onto revver awhile back but haven’t made any money yet. But again my videos don’t have the quality or content to get tons of hits. Revver is great though how you can check stats and that actual people watch the videos for content.

  7. My videos don’t have the quality or content to get tons of hits, either, YumaJ. I just flog the heck out of them. Upload, blog, flog. Upload, blog, flog. Next day: upload, blog, flog. Affiliate. Embed. Link. Hurry, hurry, hurry. Step right up. See the two-headed man. Come one, come all. Catch the trolley. Get on the train. If you don’t like what I’ve got today, I’ll have another one for you tomorrow. (see link)

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