Coming Soon: Best of Nalts DVD

Best of Nalts DVD sleeve

HappySlip is selling “best of” DVDs, so I had to do it too. I may not be as hot, but at least I’m not as funny.

I’m using CreateSpace because it looks easy, and a couple others have used it. Anyone use ’em? I didn’t realize, until I’d started my account this morning, that it’s an Amazon company. Of course, you give away about 40% of your profits (after the fixed cost per DVD) when it’s sold through Amazon, so I’m kinda hoping people buy it at I get proceeds beyond the fixed cost of production and their cut of the sale.

It’s not live yet because I’m mailing the master to CreateSpace, and then they send me a proof. I’ve listed the videos below. I’m sure I unintentionally missed some good ones, but it took most of yesterday just to locate the best versions of these (and some were destroyed by a dead Seagate external hard drive).

Will I sell a lot? Nope. There’s not a huge market to purchase amateur video content — especially when you can see it free online. Maybe some people will be compelled by the notion of seeing the videos in high resolution and without ads.

I was impressed with how good some of them look on an HDTV (after I’ve been used to seeing them on YouTube all grainy and compressed). You notice little things- like the name of a book on a bookshelf that was otherwise obscure. And you can why my face was made for low-resolution video.

Price point is $19.99, but most of the revenue goes to CreateSpace and Amazon. Well- if I make $100 on total sales, it’s worth being called a sellout.

The videos:
Farting in Public
Airport Crawling
Computer Falls
Cash to Buzz
Drunk Interviews
America’s Bloopers
Fast Food Outsourcing
Candy Swiper
Google Head
Google Earth
GPS with PMS
Mall Pranks
Killer Weed
Gum Tree
Coffee Baby
Banana Man
Garage Sale
Kids Steal Van
Lay Me Off
Mad Turkey
Viral Video Genius
Chicken Prank
Stupid Computer
HappySlip’s Pad

12 Replies to “Coming Soon: Best of Nalts DVD”

  1. Is it really that hands free? If so, that is great! My organization has a guy that can duplicate DVD’s, but then we have to do all the distribution. This could be a great way to sell a DVD and not need to worry about taking orders, packaging and shipping.

    Let us know if it is that easy.

  2. Any pre-YouTube masterpieces, e.g. Woodblock Doll, to be included? I’m gonna order one and surprise Dr. Penny with this disk. Let us know when we can place orders, ok (as if you wouldn’t).

  3. How are you a sell out? Just because you are getting paid to do something you love? Most people call that a job. If you can make money this way all the power to you. People who call you a sell out are upset they are not making the money. (my 2 cents)

  4. You’re missing a lot of really great videos. What about product placement? White bucks? Taxi cab panic attack? i’m assuming you’re not putting in the renetto parts 1 and 2 in there because they’re too “insider” but still, they are classic.

    I don’t care what you say about white bucks. A LOT of people like that video.

    also youtube etiquette and running with scissors.

    I’d put a bunch of others on there that I like even better but if you’re trying not to be too youtube-centric then you might not want to. But after all, who’s your target audience – youtube, right? If so, then who cares if they’re youtube-centric?

    The mentos and gps ones – you better make sure you have full and unrestricted rights to those, since you did them as commercials for other entities.

    I wouldn’t do the computer falls out of the car or the america’s bloopers one. I never liked those. Yeah, I said it.

    I’m feeling bossy right now. Like that’s a shocker.

  5. Oh I am so mad I forgot taxicab. And people thought Bloopers was someone trying to appear authentic- so they felt compelled to write “fake” in the comments. That’s what I love about computer-falls. It WAS fake. Lunch break with some guys from work.

    I think I’m going to do a separate one with just the yt stuff like Renetto, 777, scissors (a response video).

  6. hey can you send them to australia? coz i will buy one. the only problem is that it will cost me 23.28 AUD dollars haha

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