What Is Social Media?

marketing.jpgToby Bloomberg, who writes Diva Marketing Blog, asked me recently to define social media. I didn’t have a lot of time to think, okay? But here I am on her blog aside much smarter people. Like Peter Kim Being Peter a Senior Analyst at Forrester Research. And the hysterical David Berkowitz (Marketers Studio), a Director of Emerging Media at 360i.

David, by the way, taught me the word “lolcats.”

8 Replies to “What Is Social Media?”

  1. Nice response Kevin. Now if I can just figure out a way to get my co-workers and relatives to understand and stop teasing me for the number of hours I spend “in front of my computer”.

    I miss Nutcheese… I should hang out in her Stickam room more.

  2. They didn’t sound smarter… you all just sounded like computer nerds. I’m sure glad I’m not a computer nerd! Oh crap… am I replying to a blog post! Does this make me a computer nerd? No… I got it… I am just doing research online… yeah that’s it… research.

    btw… fallofautumndistro is stalking me.

  3. That second guy was hitting on Toby Bloomberg big time, almost as bad as Katie Couric was hitting on you.

    The third guy I have no comment on, since he had almost nothing to say himself.

    As for your comment, you don’t give yourself nearly enough credit. You were as eloquent as Dostoyefsky. And almost as long winded too.

    Okay I’m kidding. I can’t help it. I’m just in one of those “hey, let’s give nalts as much shit as we can” moods lately. Hopefully it will pass quickly, like that other thing I’m having trouble getting rid of. And I’m not talking about lice.

  4. I just saw zefrank on Animal Planet. He got a gig co-hosting a bit on animal fatherhood with ten or twelve other who-are-they?’s. Cool. So there IS a Hollywood ending for all this self-promotion and pandering. But, uh, he could’ve taken the shortcut everyone else took to get this gig and just showed up Wednesday night at The Laugh Factory on Sunset.

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