Twitter: The Voluntary Human GPS Chip

Just when you thought instant messaging, cell phones and Blackberrys were the ultimate form of making yourself available 24-7… along comes Twitter. You’ll note a Twitter box in the bottom right corner of We’ll see how long I decide to text message Twitter with my status (“typing blog post while bored on a conference call”).

I haven’t fact checked these, but here are some testimonials Twitter uses:”

  • Twitter is on its way to becoming the next killer app.”
    TIME Magazine
  • “It’s one of the fastest-growing phenomena on the Internet.”
    New York Times
  • “Suddenly, it seems as though all the world’s a-twitter.”

So why in the world would I Twitter? I’m someone who backed into social media via video, and in fact prefers antisocial media. But I had to give it a shot because it’s gaining such notoriety. Kinda like the iPhone I finally returned on Sunday.

What does this have to do with online video? Nothing, really. Except that I think I need to do a video called the Twitter Shitter (“on third wipe”).

9 Replies to “Twitter: The Voluntary Human GPS Chip”

  1. See, if you had responded to nutcheese’s six questions video you could have used “twitter shitter” as your response to question number 5 (what do you wipe with when the toilet paper roll is empty). Yeah, I know you responded as Patch but that was far too sanitized for a nutcheese video.

  2. Twitter is the biggest drag on office worker productivity since the death of the smoke break

  3. Twitter is the pulse of the internet, really. I mean forgot about blogs, News sites, and RSS feeds, I get instant updates from 100 or so people on exactly what’s going on to my phone. And these are people I am either friends with, that have an interest in, or give me some sort of value. Twitter is in fact my favorite social networking tool ever and in my opinion the best one to date as far as keeping me connected.

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