The Daily Reel (TDR) Goes RIP?

I’m always the last guy to realize someone got laid off. Or someone took a new job. Or the company I worked for shut down 6 months ago, which explains the lack of paycheck and the movers trying to box my computer.

The Daily Reel Goes DarkSo it shouldn’t surprise me that months after The Daily Reel (TDR) apparently died, I’m starting to realize it. No message on the company blog. No new headlines on the homepage. Ads promote an event that happened in October. Heck I free, freelanced for them and I don’t remember getting a memo.

Everything just frozen in time like some of the homes in New Orleans even two years after Katrina. Can’t they hire a temp to turn the lights out?

Halfway through this post, I decided to do a Google News search. New TeeVee writer Liz Gannes was a full 5 days ahead of me in noticing TDR’s dormancy.

I have been tracking some of the alumnae, who are diplomatic about their former employer but extatic about their new gigs:

This reminds me a little of a video spoof I did about online video called Chapter11TV (someone has since squatted the domain name, which used to host a fake site).

The major lesson? Know what you want to be when you grow up. TDR, to me, started as an Entertainment Weekly of online video. Then it started hosting video podcasts, which I thought was complementary. What confused me is when the site invited creators to post their own videos (as opposed to using Revver or another provider). Eventually it was trying to become a community for online video enthusiasts, which gave it an identity crisis and made it, to a degree, competition with some of the sites it was covering. Its final act was facilitating a conference in October.

There were some smart folks involved, so I’m guessing the demise was a result of investor impatience and desperation. Sorry for the folks that set up Reeled In accounts at my urging. Want to do a pool for how long before the site has a 404?

6 Replies to “The Daily Reel (TDR) Goes RIP?”

  1. I loved your chapter 11 tv video – don’t think I’ve seen it before.

    And I would give you crap about the fact that “extatic” is actually spelled “ecstatic” but you’ll just mess around with my comments again and make me look like an even bigger doofus than I already am. So I hope you’re happy. You’ve broken my spirit.

  2. Can’t say I’m surprised. I gave Daily Reel a really good try with getting some discussions happening but the site was confusing, buggy and socially isolating.

    As a community site it never was engaging enough to encourage people to incorporate it into their favorite haunts online.

    It also never really offered anything new as an entertainment weekly kind of site either. YouTube’s homepage has more to offer and is better organized.

    Note to anyone starting an online community: Be prepared to participate heavily in your own community for at least the first six months.

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