Watch Free Episodes of The Office

Thanks to a banner on Revver, I discovered that you can watch free full episodes of The Office at This is a big step forward for traditional media, and hopefully the studios compensate writers for this. Parenthetically, I still haven’t heard from The Office about my pitch to be in one of the shows. Even my stalking the cast in Scranton didn’t do it.

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  1. Speaking of banners, I like your rotating blog banners. I tried to send you a Youtube Christmas card….strike that, Youtube is being Politically Correct…a Youtube Video Holiday Card (see link)…but the damned thing won’t work for me. Has anyone else tried it?

  2. I love the Office I actually think you would make a great player on the show but for only a few episodes until you get your spin off show. you can get the shows on apple tv also can’t you?

  3. speaking of revver

    This is what they are saying in the most resent newsletter

    “Nalts The mayor of viral videos is still churning out hits in the face of federal child labor laws.”

  4. yea,nalts is practically running a video “sweatshop” lol.Did u guys enjoy the “hatchet vs genitals” video i posted up above? The other one was a lady in a bathtub full of chocolates,and she was stuffing her face full of them,but i guess they took it down,not that those are anything unusual for youtube 😉

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