12 thoughts on “Get Fame Turn to Profit”

  1. I enjoyed the article, once my eyesight came back after being blinded by the neon in your new banner.

    By the way, I really don’t like this quality over quantity thing you’ve got going on with your youtube videos. I’d much rather see crap on a daily basis than wait forever for a masterpiece. I miss the creative process that I employ as I try to formulate a clever comment. You know, firing up a doobie and sucking down a fifth of scotch.

  2. Then come see me, sukatra. I do two videos a day. Sometimes three. Come comment on my stuff while we wait for Kevin’s ‘Gone With The Wind.’ (you KNOW why I picked THAT title!)

  3. Sukatra- this cracks me up. My quantity has been down because I’m buried at work and on a low-inspiration phase. I’ll be back to pooping soon.

  4. Inspiration? How about :
    December 7, 2007–a day that will live in infamy in American corporate politics: NBC slaps all American military men in the face and the Youtube editors respond by featuring a Wii Bowling Tournament. On the anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Hahaha!

  5. I wanted a quick way to get to your blog so I typed nalts.com … Now Kevin I’m certain you know what site that takes you to … I finally remembered the shortcut is kevinnalty.com and ended up on your youtube page.

    So you want inspiration? Do a spoof on nalts.com!

  6. Re: The article you posted about — I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting to be “discovered,” and make money from sponsorships. I agree completely with what you say about custom videos. There are so few YouTubers who have both the high viewership AND consistent product necessary to be sponsorable… Besides, most of it appears to be blind luck, too, as to what gets noticed…

    However, in producing custom videos for Brands, you work with the client directly about what they want, you provide it, and they pay what YOU decide your time and effort is worth… Seems to me to be a better way to make online video a business, instead of a raffle.

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